Introduce yourself


Hello My name is Kai. I am from the Netherlands and currently occupied as data scientist in a hospital. I am following the Maidsafe project in silence for about 2 years now. I am very enthousiastic about the ability to create decentralized applications on the safe network. I hope to help the safe ecosphere flourish with nice applications. Off topic, I am very interested in testing the network. Is there a possibility to claim access to the next alpha release?


Hi All,
My name is Paul Cohen and I’ve been using bitcoin on & off for about two years now. I never really used it as a money-making tool, I was just curious about it.
More recently, the pennies I had left in my wallet had turned into almost $40 bucks, so I decided to invest a bit on ETH. Again, rather the financial prospect, what got me into was the whole “smart contract” and the possibility of creating some real change in society. I’m still not sure how to properly explain how Blockchain works to those around me, but I know it’s going to be huge.
Most importantly, what brought me here is an insight, which ironically was brought on by the show Silicon Valley (Season 4) in which Hendrick talks about a decentralized internet. Now I think that is the Internet taken to the next level. So here am I, I don’t know exactly what to look forward to, or how I’ll be able to contribute but I sure am excited to have found a community of like-minded folks! Cheers everyone.


Sean here from Ireland been working as a Devops engineer for the last couple of years. Been following Crypto since the start of the year. Fellow employee told me to check out maid in Early may been following the project since. I enjoy your posts and think the project is awesome. :slight_smile: Currently holding some MAID as well. Hope all is good:slight_smile: Also if anyone is in Ireland Cork especially hit me up.


I’m Tom, living in Switzerland.

Very excited about the possibilities of the safe network. I have some equity (through BNKtothefuture) and maidsafecoins. I work as a product manager / product owner and have little digital side projects myself (latest is mobile app on I would definiately love to have them running on the safe network one day, instead of AWS (in this case). I guess there is still a long way to go, and I must admit that I am a bit impartient :smiley: I also speculate with crypto-currencies but I consider Maidsafe as a different thing!
Cheers, Tom



My name is Lars and I am currently working as a Front-End Developer. I love creating Websites and Apps. Especially work a lot with JavaScript, Angular and NodeJS. At home I l love to work on my own webapplication created in MEAN. I was introduced to MaidSave a month ago and I was really exited about this and creating apps/websites in an autonomous network. Also bought some maidcoins recently


Hello all,
My name is Claron Chatmon I am a system admin and a website builder. I was introduced to MaidSafe while searching for new opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency. I saw MaidSafe and liked the mission, objectives and the potential behind it. I would love to move my clients to the MaidSafe hosting once the risk of data loss is in the past.


I’m a computer engineer interested in new technologies for the internet, especially those related to solutions for privacy, security, network reliability, neutrality and decentralization.

My current focus is the study and development of applications for decentralized services, applying blockchain and meshnets.


Hello! I live in Brazil, in a small city. So I’m a small bussines manager and have been following crypto project since 2015. I’d like to learn more about Maid Safe Project.


My name is Anthony Rhodes,

I have followed Maidsafe’s development since 2015 when I saw it on the Kaiser Report.
I work for a Non-Profit in New York and am developing software for donations called


Hello guys,
I’ve followed this great project since last year and i am 100% it will be a game changer.


Hi everyone
I call myself Lubzi, I am an IT consultant. I spent most of my life working in IT & software engineering. I feel very fortunate to live in these times where so much is happening , so much creativity in technology. I like to believe that technology can offer solutions to human and environment problems (caused by humans). I’m a big fan of decentralization and dream of a new world where there’s prosperity and justice for everyone


Hey people, I am Bojan and I am a developer and look forward to experimenting with the SAFE Network and learning more about the Maid Safe project


Hello… my name is Chance Smith.

I’m a retired lawyer currently finishing a Composition/Music Production degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston. A couple of years ago I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Finance at Harvard, but it reminded me too much of the practice of law, which by it’s nature is “morbidly” predatory, so I transferred to Berklee and sleep quite well.

I’ve long had an interest in Linux and all things digital, and I’ve been following bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general since 2012.

I am very much distressed by the “surveillance economy” represented by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., etc., etc., and by what the Internet 1.0 has become. I’m glad to finally join the Maidsafe forum since it’s goals are an obvious fit for me, and at this point I’d like to begin to use Alpha 2.

I suppose I’m a radical leftist, aged cyberpunk without programing or engineering skills, but, nevertheless, at one with the spirit and goals of this community.


Hi, my name is Hugo, I’m a law student, I’ve been interested in technology since I was young, but I got to know the crypto-coins a bit better in mid-March 2017, I have a lot of interest and through the search for information and the coins I knew safecoin, a great project that I have an interest in participating in and looking at closely.
We are already being watched all the time with the internet giants, a project that I want to follow closely.

Congratulations to all developers and participants.


Hi, my name is Gadiel Machuca.
I am currently pursuing a career as a DMD. As you may already know, a dentist does not focus on bitcoins, C++ , etc. But I am not your average future dentist. After working 8 years along a master dental technician and a prosthodontist, I have learned the most complex stuff about dentistry even before starting the first year of dental school. Maybe not everything (there is always room for improvement and something new to learn) but enough to get me by. What made me get into all this?.. Though I’m striving to become a dentist, I cannot fall behind and think that dentistry will always be the same. Things change and sometimes even morph (becomes something unexpectable). By learning a little here and there about bitcoin and these types of safety nets, I could possibly improve the confidentiality and security of my future office and/or local network.


My name is Mick, I feel a little late to the game as far as crypto goes, I bought my first BTC in July 2017. I came across it because I’m a bit of a gamer and saw articles about how graphics cards are getting so expensive due to miners buying them all up. When I saw an article about an entire 747 being chartered just to ship graphics cards I figured this warranted more investigation. I thought perhaps my gaming PC could mine some coins but quickly realised to get in the game I’d be better to buy some coins now and learn what I can.

I now have around 15 different coins and love the innovation, passion and potential the crypto community will bring to the world. I recently got my head around mining some coins, I’ve learnt a lot and it’s opened my eyes to a fantastic opportunity. I hope many more people help make this a success for us all.


Hello! My name is Anton. I was born in Russian Federation. Graduated Maritime Academy in 2016 with a degree in Transport Management. Also can say that I`m an amateur C++ programmist.
MadeSafeCoin has attracted my attention recently. Some people belive it could be a revolution. As for me I belive that this idea has a huge potential.


Hello. On the internet I go by the name of ItzHaunT. I don’t mention my real name for privacy reasons. I am a high school student hoping to become a web developer. You could call me a ‘decentralization enthusiast.’ I am really intrigued by the works of MaidSafe, Zeronet, and other p2p networks. I believe these networks are the future of the internet, and I think getting my foot in the door early and familiarizing my self with these and similar networks will help me out a lot in my pursuit to become a web developer.


Hey all, I’m Jasper and I’ve been a fan of decentralization and crypto since 2015. This year I also started trading. I’ve studied electronics and currently work as a freelance front-end designer and developer. I’m curious to see what the future might bring for Maidsafe, it’s a very interesting project.



NB here… The safe network will change the internet forever! Excited to be a part of it… :slight_smile: