Introduce yourself


Hi People
I’m Lee from Wales UK, a mental heath support worker by day.
I’m relatively new to MaidSafe but I’ve done my research and I’m excited by the project.
I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m looking forward to learning and becoming involved with the release of Alpha release 2.
Best wishes


Small world, just came to do an introduction myself, and assuming your location from your username, I’m only about 20odd miles from you!

You didn’t say what you did by night? :wink:

Anyway, I’m Ken from near Chester in the UK, Have been slowly learning about MAID for a few months now, watched quite a few videos and read a lot of information and ‘think’ I’ve got my head around it.

Have always had an interest in computers but work on the mechanical side of engineering so have very limited relevant knowledge, but I suppose I dress relatively smartly and don’t consider Cheerios an acceptable evening meal, so swings and roundabouts…

Take it easy!



First post but quite a long time “lurker” here. English is not my first language so this intro will be short :wink:
So I heard about Safenet last spring. Like you, I see a lot of potential in this project and the very need of this kind, regarding the way Internet is evolving. The path to the final release is long, but I’m quite confident, it worth the wait !
See you on safe:// !



Hi, my name is jake. Call me isaac, my middle name. I like it better. Hmm Im new to all crypto stuff. I love programming and currently a student.


Hi, @benjaminbollen! I just read your intro and I much feel the same. I also feel lucky that I’ve found this platform, I’m ready to discover the new world, which is after all our future together.


Hi Guys & Gals,

Long time bitcoiner here, have been playing with it since 2009 in college and advocate for furthering the underlying technologies that support crypto currencies. Very much interested in the potential for societal advancement using technologies that incentivise cooperation and possibly medicinal scientific advancement.

I have access to a relatively large server farm that could be utilised in future and would be happy to partner on such esoteric projects.




I’m working on Project Decorum since wednesday. My main interests have been embedded engineering and web development. I plan to immerse myself in SAFE, understand more about the technology and contribute to the community.


Hello everyone! This is my first post in this forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I have been following this project for a little over two years and have been acquiring MAIDSAFE Coins when I can. I don’t have a background in computer science or anything like that. I just feel like this is a project that can change the way people use the internet and it should be supported in any way possible.

If there is anything I can do to help I would be glad to do it.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Hi all,

Another Aussie. Been quietly following this project in the shadows for over 2 years now.

I am a software engineer for one of larger players that will be affected by the massive shift SAFE will cause within the industry.

There is simply no other project in this space that is as influential and disruptive as what this network ‘WILL’ be. Having been around in the early days of Bitcoin and watched the subsequent explosion of the Crypto Sphere, it to the trained eye looks very much like the perfect storm is brewing for this project, flying under the radar until the Tech is here and here to stay. These Maidsafe guys are a fair bit more clever than even we all think :wink:



Ignacio from Spain, background in Telco, especifically on sales and network engineering. I’ve been learning about the SAFE project over the last few months so I eventually decided to join as a member of the forum.

Exceptional potential and team, keep up with the good work and let me know if there’s ground to help out there!


Hi All,

I am 3 month old in the Cryptoland and learning something new everyday! When I first read about this project, it made complete sense to me and I decided to join it and be part of it. Hope I can b of help!

Quick facts: I’m an analyst at a reputable Bank, an inventor, father of two boys, speak 3 languages, waiting for my Tesla Model 3 and planning to pay it off with my Cryptocurrency Investment earnings :grin:. Feel free to follow me, just Google “Canmind”.



Hello Everyone,

I’m work as a T2 IT for a helpdesk, with a background in programming (mainly Java/C++ and some PHP). Since hearing about what is going on here have been excited to contribute in one way or another (most likely as a farmer, or in any other ways I can contribute ).


I’m a technology enthusiast based in the US. I’m an automotive mechanic and hotelier. A retail clerk on the side. I’m really interested in distributed data synchronization, so when I read about SAFE, I was very impressed. Given that this allows an individual to actually capture value from contributing to a P2P network, I’m super interested.


Hello Everyone,
I am happy to be here and witness the creation of this project. Thank you all for your hard work! I have a few Ideas, I will let them be known when they are viable. stay Cool :sunglasses:



I’m a physician from Europe.

I just learned about maidsafe and the idea behind it blew me away. Hope everything goes as planed, this project can really change the future for the better



Hi my name’s Cai and I’m a computer enthusiast and also fed up about the government tracking and taking over everything. I am also an investor and web designer. I recently invested in Safecoin and I believe it has huge potential. I really want to join this community and make my own project over the safe network! I think this can be the next internet if can be executed properly which I trust the people behind this project and deliver us the greatest idea of all time. I cannot wait to share the value and help you guys be the big dogs of the new internet someday!



Learned about Bitcoins back in 2013, tried mining it, but didn’t really take it seriously. Didn’t really understand the technology behind it—blockchain.

Recently, I watched a Bitcoin documentary and that piqued my interest in cryptocurrency again. The price of Bitcoin is too much for me at the moment, I read more and found Maidsafe. Initially, it was all about making money. Then I read more about the technology behind the SAFE network and that got me really interested in seeing this “Internet 2.0” get up and running.

I believe in privacy, that’s why I really wish to see SAFE network succeed. As of now, I’m invested in Maidsafe coins, an amount that I can write off without losing sleep over. Even if it doesn’t make me profit, I still wish this SAFE network a success.


Hey guys, my name is Louis and I am a pseudo-full-stack who works largely on the infrastructure side of things, but I enjoy sucking across the stack, my limits know no bounds. I kid, I kid. I’m primarily the annoying voice in the office that says “You know, we could automate that.”, I enjoy my role. I am a bootcamp graduate, where I did web facing stuff in Rails, Node, Ruby and your basic HTML/CSS type stuff. These days I work with Python, Ansible, AWS, Postgres and a tiny bit of Angular. In a past life I dropped out of Uni 3 times, before teaching myself basic web stuff and going to the bootcamp.

Honestly, I’ve been looking to participate in open source since starting my boot camp, but I’ve been searching for the right type of project to sink my teeth into and really get a good understanding of. I feel that this could be the thing for me, I enjoy the infrastructure side of things, but I can get antsy if I’m too taken away from development, same applies backwards too.

I think I have a soft spot for this one because it feels like it could be returning some semblance of privacy back to the web, if I could use an internet without monetised ads grappling for my attention and generally ruining my day, I’d be a happy man.

Nice to meet you all.


I’m Jeremy Scott AKA TriphiusFire. My hobby is designing trading robots, used to be for FOREX, now for crypto. Been a theater major, ballroom dance instructor, musician, and now computer scientist. Let me know if you are interested in auto-trading cryptocurrencies on cryptopia or bittrex! I’m interested in MaidSafe, bought a few coins. Really want to try the browser, but my trust level is not 1, how do you get a trust level increase?


My name is Tim and I am an eDiscovery consultant in northern California. While I primarily work with computers I have found my knowledge is severely limited compared to what I’ve seen here so far. I am very interested in the SAFE Network and its possibilities. While my coding contributions are likely limited compared to other I think I can help by bridging the gap between the developers and average user who will be on the SAFE network. I look forward to learning more and helping any way I can!!