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Hi, I have been following MaidSafe for a couple of years, surprised about the delays but excited to see the tests and upcoming alpha.


I found out about MaidSafe months ago, through the Omni DEX and our ventures with Omni Protocols. We have had projects and tests with this protocol, which has proved challenging but overall very educational.

While we are more involved with outside protocols very recently, we still follow the interesting projects that have come out of the ashes of the Omni / Mastercoin, most notably MaidSafe, Project Decorum, SAFE-fs, N99 and others. As big fans of the decentralization movement, we are therefore big fans of all these mentioned projects.

We also have many partners in China and Southeast Asia, and are working to improve the world in similar ways as you all are. Working very hard every day to change the world from where it is right now.

This is a truly unique and genuine community, as opposed to some of the other crypto forums, and we are excited to work more closely with you all in the future!


I’m ShanksPranks, I’ve been a developer analyst for around 7 years and I’ve become really interested in security and Cryptography over this time. I’m just finishing the Princeton Bitcoin text book which I’m finding to be real page turner (sigh at the vast extend of loser-dom from last statement) and it’s amazing how well they have covered the general subject especially with regards to virtual mining and resistant puzzles. I have a computer science degree and enjoy the more in depth subjects like comp sci, AI, formal logic and computer graphics. I think the whole Ethereum dapp hype is quickly becoming a death march and they should pull the plug on the whole thing as soon as possible. I am hoping to contribute down the line offering some insight into potential vulnerabilities in the code.


Hi, I am Sanju, from India. I am a statistician, came to know about SAFE network just 3-4 months ago. I just got hooked up seeing the potential.


Hello everyone!
I found out about the Safe network a couple of months ago and invested a little bit in the NVO crowdsale and some MAID. I’m a linguist by profession, but I spend a lot of time “getting back to basics” on a small island in the Gulf of Finland (with a decent internet connection) fishing and taking care of a few chickens. My most valuable possessions are my boat, my guns and my computer. The chickens are half wild, so they own themselves really. I just try to keep predators away from them and they reward me with eggs.

Oh, good stuff! I just earned the second trust level. Well, now you know about my chickens anyway.
Cheers! :smiley: :chicken:


Hi everyone,

I am a 20 year old university student, in the United States, studying Philosophy, Economics, and Sociology. I stumbled across MaidSafe after a few months of research and investment in Ethereum and other altcoins.

My dad and I have always discussed the need for a new internet. He told me if a potential company is trying to do just that, hop on in.

I’ve been lurking for a few weeks now, and I am incredibly impressed by the company’s workplace philosophy. The community, too, is incredibly open and committed, which shows the seriousness of this endeavor! While I don’t have any technical experience, I hope to support this community by asking important and necessary questions. Furthermore, I am incredibly interested to see how the Safe network (and blockchain, too) disrupts governing and hopefully enhances the life of the common person.

Hopefully, the SafeNetwork and its community can help my goal of enriching the impoverished and marginalized through the combination of law, technology, and policy.

I look forward to meeting everyone.


I’m Fangchen from China. I go to school in the U.S. I have background in physics, EE, and programing. I look forward to get involved in this project.


What a diverse array of people! I’m a psychology researcher and tech enthusiast. Living in Australia. Don’t normally read or contribute to forums, but I heard about this project and wanted to show my support for the project in some way. Always wonderful to see a dedicated group of people tackle a “big” problem, rather than just make little changes around the edges. Great stuff.


Hi all,

I am very new to Maidsafe as I joined the team here as Office Manager on Monday. I am a complete beginner to SAFE however I plan on spending the first few weeks/months brushing up on my limited tech knowledge and gaining a better understanding of all things SAFE (wish me luck :D)


Hi everyone. I’m an academic financial economist that discovered Maidsafe in mid-2016. I invested during the BnkToTheFuture equity round and am eagerly following the network’s progress. By far the most exciting project I’ve discovered in crypto space. I can’t contribute much on the dev side but spreading the word to all!


Hello I really do have a pug called Arthur, who will celebrate his 15th birthday in September. Besides that ‘my given name is Dickie, I come from Billericay and I’m doing very well’. I am an ex-BBC reporter and currently press officer for UK crypto Britcoin. I invest in various alts incl. Maidsafe and mine Monero, Burst, Nexus & BTC. I’m based in London and plan to visit Troon later this summer to see your setup as I have friends I’d like to visit in Glasgow. Looking forward to re-assigning some of my Burst drives to Maidsafe once your network is up & running.

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I’m a React Native app developer excited to make some apps on the SAFE Network. I’m just trying to come up with some ideas how to begin… :blush:

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Hello everyone…real name is Brian, currently residing in Central California USA. Am approaching retirement from the TV broadcasting industry (& a few years as an aircraft “A&P” mechanic). Have been interested in/have held cryptocurrencies for a few years now…always looking for a crypto with a better blockchain structure and “mining” paradigm. Bitcoin’s current block size and transaction scaling issues and Bitcoin mining methods passed me by due to hardware & price per Kwh considerations…even my solar energy mining rig didn’t cut it anymore. My search brought me thru the “distributed computing for research” reward coins (FoldingCoin, Gridcoin, CureCoin)(still mining those) and then ETH (oops the “DAO” “smart” contract!) and Monero. I like the concept of MaidSafe so far, but need more information on the blockchain, scaling of the network, future uses, etc., etc… I will be reading and exploring further! Thanks.


Hi Safenet forum members! I just joined the forum a month ago. I have learned a tremendous amount of information from reading all the posts. This is a very active and generous community. I work for a very large U.S. based pharmacy insurance company in analytical consulting. I am very well versed in databases, SQL, SAS and have programming experience in Visual Basic - along time ago. I have an engineering background, 3 U.S. patents, and a double MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance. The benefits of the Safenetwork are exponential to say the least, if they deliver. I plan to be apart of this for some time. Thanks to all the folks that have answered so many of my questions!

@Sparky the safenetwork is not based on blockchain tech, scaling is unlimited based on how many people are on the network … I learned a little bit so far :slight_smile:


My name is Víctor and I have been following and actively involved with some cryptocurrencies since 2013.

I first got attracted to MaidSafe on 2016 but unfortunately, an illness of my late mother kept me out of getting involved with it.

I would like to follow the progress of MaidSafe and would like to help the project, maybe by testing software and apps, since I don’t have much technical knowledge. Also, I could probably help with translations to Papiamentu and Spanish as well.


Hi All, My name is Shakir and I am a newbie in Crypto world. My first purchase of bitcoin was just 4 days back and within a week of 12 hours reading / watching per day, I have landed to MaidSafe forums with the belief that this could be the next big thing after BTC in crypto.

I would like to help the project however I can (non-Tech though) and may be able to help out with translations in Urdu (widely spoken in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc).


Hi my name is Opiboble (IRL: Matt), and I am a network engineer / server manager by trade. I was pointed to Maidsafe by a colleague during a recent network change over project. I am interested to test performance and the like with this network, and have a few dozen TB of storage to toss towards it to help this project grow. I am really interested in how Maidsafe handles replication of data across the network and redundancy to ensure it remains viable.



My name is Prakash, DevOps engineer by trade and Blockchain enthusiast. I came to know about MaidSafe while researching crypto currency. I was amazed by what it’s trying to achieve and what it means to have a fully decentralized and secure internet.

I know the technology behind Maidsafe and Blockchain are different in many ways with few similarities.
In near future I see them disrupting global finance and internet infrastructure as we know it.

I have been lurking in this forum for about a year now but never registered. since, there is so much progress going on right now I didn’t want to miss out on getting my hands dirty with safe network and write some application on top of it so I finally gave in.

ps. I need invitation code to create an ID before I can do anything on testnet right now. I also own few MaidSafeCoin.

Welcome to the future.


Hi Guys,
I am Anuj ,Written my 1st program in 2000 never stopped since then, 11 years as a professional in computing & Technologies. I have worked on different technology. What amazes me about maid is its vast nature. Thanks and best of Luck