Introduce yourself


Hi Im Josh
I can guarantee Im not one of the smarter ones here lol. Theres a lot I dont understand but Im here wanting to learn more because I have a general idea of what Maidsafe wants to do and it is very appealing. I might ask some silly questions here and there but I will do my best to learn as I want to invest into maidsafe coin, and also am curious about, for lack of better words, being a “host”, downloading the software. Thats a big part I want to learn about.

Anyways, I’ll do my best



Hi everybody

my name is Eddie,

I got involved in MAID through my friend SwissPrivateBanker and i just discovering all this work with all the possibilities.
i am very motivating to learn about this new tech.

happy to be part of this new world.

have a great day and good week end everybody.




We all know power corrupts.

Some know knowledge is power.

It is best to spread knowledge, so power is spread.

I refuse to support any domination or repression upon unwilling people.

I have known that intelligence will defeat brute force sooner or later (Politicians are surprisingly stubborn though), and here, I suppose, are some very computer-intelligent people. I find myself to be freedom-living.

I like becoming more and more free.

Too much knowledge can imprison you, to little can leave you feeling meaningless.

In order for people to find meaning in life, everybody should know a little bit about the world around them. AI, cryptocurrency, open-source, economic friendliness, love are here to stay.

Me, I don’t have much of a character, I am knowledge, experience, some emotion and behavior.

The tekst I wrote said something about me, really! This is an introduction of who I am :slight_smile:

I study sociology, and am well aware of ‘group-thinking’ and ‘social/governmental/religious/bias/formal pressure’. I would love for people to read and write freely, and get some reward so they can pay for food and housing :slight_smile:

What I can contribute is perspective; It is a habit of people to project their world-model upon others, I’d like to critically asses items, to find the right words in order to translate them to day-to-day language.

<3 <3 <3 I love you all <3 <3 <3

Hugs and kisses <3


Hi, my name is Andrew @abartle and I’ve been involved with software development for over 20 years. I’ve been interested in the idea of a distributed internet for a while and found my way to MaidSafe through a post. Super glad to be here and looking forward to learning and contributing as much as I can.


Hey everybody!

My name is Alex Van Aken and I gave a TEDx Talk about how fluoride is toxic waste that can accumulate in high concentrations in hard, calcified deposits, in and around the pineal gland region of the brain.

Super under-rated and over-looked stuff as far as the medical world goes. When most physicians look at brain scans, they see a calcified pineal gland (looks like a mysterious 207th bone in the human body, right in the brain), and they look at this white mass to determine whether its centered or pushed to a side. If it’s not centered, the physicians then speculate as to wether there could be a tumor doing the “pushing”.

But there is much more here to be learned. These hard masses (calcifications, concretions, etc) can actually “push” up against intracerebral structures (other parts of your brain). There is a myriad of conditions that are linked to pineal (and other types of) calcifications, and needless to say this is a life-changing subject for MANY people who seem to have lost that ::edge:: over time. (Hint: over 2/3 of the USA is on fluoridated aka poisoned tap water).

My username is a play on words, @CTofTheSoulSupps and by the time you get to know me you will understand it.

Please don’t hesitate to hit me up about this at all because there are many variables involved, and it is quite intriguing.

Also please let me know any intel you may have about dates for official launching of SAFE net / farming / when to reload on MaidSafeCoin on Polo, any other trading tips, etc.

1 L0V3 <3 :smiley:


Hi everyone!

My name is Jeremie and I have been interested in bitcoins when it started to spread (too late some would say :slight_smile: ). But it kept my interest since and I’ve always been reading and learning about it.
And only like a week ago I started to get interested in other cryptos like SAFE, and I want to go for it. I never bought bitcoins before but this project really got my attention and the more I discover it the more I like it.
I’m gonna be honest, I’m no software engineer so it’s still very hard for me to understand everything, but slowly it’ll come!

Hope to talk with all of you soon!


I am curious about this project and came here to learn. Just shows that after 37 years of playing with computers there is so much more to learn.


My name is lubinew and I was interested in Bitcoin since 2012. I didn’t invested early and after I had a feeling, I have missed a train. Of course I was fault. Than my awareness of crypto went down and I eventually luckily invested in Monero. Even though the investment amount was low (from back perspective), the profit was great and I am still holding.

I found MAID just a week ago through and in a few hours I realized, this could be a really big think. I already invested a little, but I am going definitely invest more if I find no big hidden risks there. I feel, MAID could overtake 80 % of the all crypto-world capitalization in 3 years. If there were no hidden, too dangerous, risks of the project, I am going to reorganize my portfolio in a big favor for MAID.

As a physical body, I am a employed as a Graphics Designed in Czech Republic and I am university educated Economist. In a private time I invest a lot into physical gold, domestic shares and lately also crypto. I started investing right after my 18th birthday with just a small amount. With crypto connects me a fact, I also studied micro-electronics on a high-school, so my bound with computers is close. Usually I spend 12+ hours a day by a computer and this beautiful machine is my only source of income. Unfortunately, my native language is not English, but I am getting better in it.

I almost forgot I feel like a atheist, crypto-anarchist, anarcho-capitalist and libertarian. I hate violence and force but I am willing to defend us, if the health or property of my family is in danger. I love the freedom and I know money is one way for gaining a freedom. I am working really hard to avoid potential existential problems of my family.

To a community, I am able to bring an advanced investment analytics, view perspective of an investor and grammatically perfect Czech translations.

Hi to everyone with a good will :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Rik.

Software developer with a degree in Artificial Intelligence and a slight allergy for Centralized Authority. Recently got introduced to MaidSafe by a friend. Still have to find some time to research a bit more in depth the technology behind it.


Hello I am Evon and I come from Penang, Malaysia. I was introduced to Maidsafe just 5 months ago and am following the forum for maidsafe all these while. Since I am not from IT background, I find all the jargon alien to me but am happy to be part of maid safe forum team reading and learning new things. And yes I cant wait to see maidsafe go live too!!. Thanks for reading my Introduction.


Hello MaidSafe community,
I’ve been recently introduced to blockchain and crypto technology through member @SwissPrivateBanker.
As a primary technophobic, I was finally convinced by my friend that we’re turning into a whole new era where end is unknown.
As a curious guy, my interest went increasing for all this new technology.
I wish to enrich my knowledge as much as I can though exchanging with members of the community.
Thanks for giving me this privilege.
I wish all the best for future to the MaidSafe technology.
Cheers guys,


Hi, I’m pseudonymous Gus.

I’ve been an investor in crypto-currencies since the 2013 bubble.
I left the crypto-currency market early 2015 because of all the scams.

I’m back since May 2017 and very much interested in:

  • decentralized exchanges (p2p matching, token creation, microfinancing)
  • decentralized databases (patient-controlled medical records especially)
  • the economics and implementation of p2p sharing of bandwidth, CPU, RAM, storage space

Loving this forum.


My name is Firas and I am from Saudi Arabia. My university education is in Mathematics and Economics. During my time at Uni, I kept wondering (soft form of research?) about alternative economic models that can enrich everyone instead of the few. I read into the Austrian school, the Islamic school, the complexity school etc. however, I turned my attention away and when I graduated and became an actuary at a consulting company in Dubai.

A year after working an actuary, I took a leap of faith into an entrepreneurship venture, which failed miserably. I started working for a public—partnership-partnership vehicle that was commissioned to stimulate the Startup and SME space in Saudi. During my time there I was part of a team in establishing a sizable government-backed VC and PE fund of fund program, developing an accelerator program, as well as leading the development of a platform that connects Startups with VC and PE investors, as well as business advisers, and lawyers.

I recently left my job to cofound a venture builder with an ex-colleague with a focus on People Power. Looking at society today, there are so many challenges, so many subtracting forces of your cognitive capacity, time and attention, emotional well-being, physical health, financial capital, etc. Not to mention the imprudent extraction of our natural resources. These forces seem to be only increasing, and for society to improve its productivity it needs so many of these wants taken care of automatically. At our studio, we look at these problems and how to systematically address them.

I believe in entrepreneurism as way forward.

I am fairly new to the cryptocurrency space, so there is so much (too much!) I need to learn.

To the MaidSafe community I can help in the following way:

  1. Business Development,
  2. Connect you with investors based in the Middle East (if ICO is not the desirable route, not sure why it might not be though)

To the MaidSafe community I’d like to share my agenda:
At our venture builder we are looking at developing projects in the space of payments, logistics, and e-government services. If there are interesting projects that we want to and can collaborate on, I’d love to sit and talk and see where it can go.
I realize this is a long post, but figured I am going to be here for a long-time, so might as well. I am fascinated by the sense of mission of this community in regards to others.

Best regards,


Hello All!

I am from Florida and have a degree in digital forensics and computer investigations. I’ve probably learned more in the past two months on crypto forums than I did in two years of college.

I’ve been mining crypto for a few months now. As I was looking into alternatives for proof of capacity type coins, I came across MaidSafe. I currently mine Burst, however, the future is not looking bright over there and I am very excited to learn more about farming Safecoin. I’ll be here on day 1.

Can’t wait!


i’m a young french software engineer and working in the field of blockchains. Discover maidsafe during my research and I thought it was a very promising project!


Hello, im from mexico, i discovery maidsafe since 2015 and lurking every day for news in the forum


Hi, I’m Scott from the New York City area in the United States. I enjoy tinkering with new software and trying out new apps. I have built my own computers, and use both Linux and windows OSs. The safenet project sounds like a good idea. I found out about it while using a crypto currency trading website and decided to invest in it. I was one of the many beta testers for windows 10 and have tried other software beta and alpha testing. I look forward to testing the safe network browser and using safenet after the alpha and beta testing is done.


Hi! I live in Orlando. I’m a chip designer and have been following crypto project since 2013.


Hi! My name is Duarte and I live in sunny Portugal. I bumped into maidsafe after searching for viable cloud storing alternatives and learning about decentralized storing. I started this search after losing lots of files on a “traditional” storage service provider, who decided my files were not important because of a 3 months inactivity period on my part. Long story short, I like video editing and thus need a reliable service to store my files. I analysed some competition to maidsafe, but in my opinion this evolves and innovates in ways that made me believe it’s an amazing project and an amazing service proposition. The automatic way the system would manage your data, makes me believe that losing my data wouldn’t happen and the fact that you can pay for the service by sharing resources with others make this a must have proposition.

I have some tech knowledge, although I’m not an expert in IT.

I’ll learn more about the project and find ways I can contribute!

P.S. - Edited some typos

Thanks for your vision and amazing work!


I’m Dan from Ohio in the US. I’m a Systems Engineer specializing in InfoSec. I find this project to be intriguing and am looking forward to see how it progresses. I may start trying to develop some apps in my free time.