Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Perry from Australia. I’m interested in using the SAFE network, mainly for privacy and decentralized data; and hopefully contributing in some way.

I’ve been interested in things IT for a long time, starting with various Amiga computers :astonished: which I used to run my Landscape / Graphic design business (including implementing a CAD programme using macros on top of a graphics application), and my kids played games. Currently I’m actually paid for my IT skills by consulting in specific software used in Government installations (it’s good fun, but honestly… our world is in such a mess).


I am Lubomir Zhelev and I wonder what is happening on this network!


Hello everyone
I am an advertising designer with 20 years of experience.
He is an individual investor who loves the world of crypto.
I hope that a network that is not censored by power will develop in the future.

In Japan, youtuber politicians fight the media and vested interests.
It’s working for now, probably because youtube is an American company.
However, a powerful person who has an influence on youtube can ban his account.

Japan is a peaceful and stable country, but I still feel that many people want to use it if services like SAFE Network spread.

I think that it has social significance.

The other part is simply excited about the latest technological advances.


I’m an old guy. I used to program back in the days when Pascal existed (yeah, that old). I’ve been watching this mailsafe project for 10 years now (downloaded and tried an early version) but I’m really wondering if this is going to get to a useable tool in my lifetime. I’ve had great hope that we could have total privacy and store our files in the safe cloud as described to me 10 years ago. All files split into many chunks which are encrypted and spread out over the distributed storage of many computers to be retrieved at will by the keyholder. Is this even still a part of this project? I’m really hoping that I’ve come to the right place. Thanks…


Hi, my name is Harmen van Keimpema. I’m a independent software developer from the Netherlands. I found out about the SAFE network through SOLID and I’m very interested in the idea of taking back ownership of one’s data!


Hi Everybody,
I am from Turkey. I simply want to use safe browser. I really want to know what it is different form tor browser. If I sign to SAFE browser How can I get my privacy?
many thanks



I’m Tom, a retired former developer living just outside of New York. I like listening to old Jazz, playing golf, and thinking about the software of the future. I am new to the SAFE forum, but have been a frequent visitor and poster to the Solid forum. I’ve read some intro things to SAFE, but am looking forward to learning more about it.



My name is Lazar, I do programming for a liviing and hobby, and have been areally interested in the decentrlized web. I am looking forward to working on the project.


Hello Safe World!,

Im James, a programmer interested in p2p and distributed systems. this project appeals due to its potential to improve the internet, and the opportunity to learn.


Hello Safe Network Forum,

Today is the first day that I heard about SAFE Network. Not sure how I missed it since I have been tinkering with bitcoin and ether for some time now. I had an ether mining setup that I named Emma and she ran for several months and paid her own way but then one of the graphics cards stopped working and she kind of fell apart. Now she is my media center running Vudu and NextPVR. I also use her for DesignSpark Mechanical when I want to design something to print up.

When Equifax got hacked it was one of the last of many straws of feeling like the internet had grown into something way different than it was meant to be. Reading about safenet today I feel the same kind of excitement that I had when I completed my first successful search on AltaVista. Alta Vista also happened to be the name of my first school (other than Sunday school) and I really liked that search engine.

I don’t join many forums. This is probably the third one I have joined and the other two I use when I need help with C# (and previously VB6). Normally the questions I have are already posted and answered so I tend to post even less than I join forums. Maybe that will change with this forum.

Nonetheless I find forums very helpful and I expect to learn a lot from this one.



My name is Jerry Ward, I have been a digital platform/product manager for about a dozen years now. I’ve never worked as a developer but did start my working life as a hardware technician. I have aligned the heads of floppy disk drives and am a factory certified Commodore Amiga Technician if anyone is interested in talking about “the good old days”. I did switch over to Product Management many years ago, focusing on platform management rather than marketing or pricing. I do still build my own computers and servers for personal use.

I have been passively following MaidSafe for sometime, but not seriously. Now I’m interested in following it closer.


Every time a new means of communications has become widespread - language itself, written scripts, broadcast media - it has caused profound changes in our forms of governance - from family to tribal groups, from kingdoms and empires to democracies.

I believe that the current wide dissemination of Smartphone+Internet constitutes such a fundamental change - two-way mass communications is now affordable everywhere - and we should expect concomitant changes in our social organizations. It is my belief that ‘autonomous networks’ such as SAFENet will form the base for heretofore unseen organizational structures.

To me, far more important than the privacy inherent in such networks, is their ability to resist control and subversion by individuals or small groups .

It is my hope that the new organizational structures will afford us much greater freedoms than is currently extant.

I have been a developer for several decades and have worked with multiple languages(C, C++, Java, Perl, JS). I am currently retired and may be able to contribute time to this project. I am familiar with Rust and have been looking for a project to enable me to learn it.


Good day everyone, my name is Gioele Bencivenga and I’m a 22 year old Italian guy studying Computer Science in the UK.
I’ve been programming and studying for the past 6 years, mainly what the school feeds me. The technologies I had (and have) to use during my school career are WPF, ASP .NET, HTML5+CSS+PHP+Javascript, Java (using Processing, Netbeans or Android Studio).
The technologies I tried to learn in my free time are Unity3d, Monogame, UWP, Xamarin.
I also recently found great interest in the HAXE language and Github Pages (for a personal website).

As it could be discerned from the technologies I used, my main interest at the moment is GameDev. I like setting up simulated environments, creating entities that can react to change and see how they interact with each other.
I also recently started studying neural networks and evolutionary algorithms which is something that fascinates me a lot.

I found someone mentioning SAFE in a comment under an Elon Musk tweet, the topic was crypto (something else I got interested in during the last years) so I decided to search about SAFE and got very interested in the subject.

Still trying to find my area of expertise in the field, still trying to get a degree in CS, still trying to finish a small first game, still trying to setup a personal website.
My main concerns are climate change and privacy, however I always felt like many things in the world are not spinning in the right direction.
I admire the effort behind this project even if I can’t comprehend the full extent of it. I truly hope this will change our worldwide network for the better.


I am Emeria, a developer in my 20s.
Became a developer due to financial reasons, back when I was 10, and because I liked it.
Now I want to get away from the sweatshop coding game and code only in my free time or in projects I feel attracted to.

I am currently in Bulgaria, moving to Berlin pretty soon enough.

I am eager to get to know this project as much as possible and start contributing as soon as possible.


hi i’m a user without an interesting name. too many years in between computers and networks. paranoid of security and privacy, able to change my ip several times in a unique session or/and server. always willing to help maintain the anonymity of third parties when asked. harmless.

clifford stoll has been my virtual mentor in my own and long way, the cuckoo’s egg my bible for many years. the youngest won’t know what i’m talking about but google-god will help them.

safe project looks good. eager to see its evolution or death.


My name is Kalin Staykov. I’m a software engineer living in Sofia (Bulgaria). I found SafeNetwork from an ad posted near my new home which I found curious enough to get me here. I like the concept of this network and the absence of a blockchain ledger.


Good evening everyone. I ended here through a freedom oriented website. I have a background in maths and programing and im currently developing brain stimulation products (my new venture). Well, I decided to join the community to go deeper in my understanding of how it works and see what I can do to push the project forward. I am into developing new stuff freedom engineering oriented so i see this project as something really amazing.
Im really happy to be here and will make the most of this. Thank you guys for all what has been done, that’s really cool.


Hi, I’ve been watching SAFE since 2015.

I invent new ideas, develop software using Rust, and occasionally launch startups.

My background is primarily in internet infrastructure, automation, platform engineering, and immersive user experience.

My interests are internet freedom, privacy, security, and productive empowerment.

My current project is a next generation trading bot. My long-term research project is a next generation general purpose computing environment that will leverage SAFE as one of its backends. The method being income from the former to sustain me while I complete the latter.


Hi There! I am happy to be here now :slight_smile:

I appreciate what you are doing for the people.


Hello everyone, finally becoming part of this lovely community.