Introduce yourself

Hi, Im Josh. I started studying in Computer Engineering here in Montreal. I am actually a developer and a linux lover. Privacy is one of the most important aspect of our lives. After watching the latest season of Silicon Valley I wondered if there really was someone who created a totally decentralized internet. Because the internet as we know it sucks. I believe that Safe network will be the solution and I want to be part of it.


Hi All,
My name is Robot, I am a Backend Software Developer. And I’m also interested in security and reverse engineer. My friend introduce the MainSafe to me and now I am looking forward to join the SAFE


As the trend continues towards censorship and control, I look forward to bypassing the ever-increasing restrictions with the SAFE network.

Long live a free humanity!!!


Hi, I’m Nic a vintage Dutch/Norwegian/Indonesian who started like some others before the internet with basic, CPM, Apple Liza. After the mess with Wikileaks and Snowden, I concluded we needed a serverless encrypted solution. I even designed an app for complementary money including messaging and voting. Having no resources that died. I was also an early bird with BTC but unfortunately because of a turbulent time in my life “lost” my well filed wallet. (Shit happens as you know). I got to know MaidSafe through the NVO ICO and the shit that followed when the idiot Imed, who hijacked the project had his insane dispute with you guys on btctalk. Safenet is more valuable for humanity than the often overhyped blockchain. Not that it has not it’s place, but in many instances it is overkill.
Well, here it is, the ultimate solution for the future and I’m happy to be part of it and will sure deploy it in a positive way.


Hey, I’m iivii.
I found safe while winding my way through the Rotonde using the Beaker Browser.
I’m very interested in alternative protocols such as dat:// and now that I’ve found it, safe://.

I have most of my background in game development, and am fluent in 3 languages: GML, Lua, and Python. I’m constantly seeking to learn more languages, and have amassed gigabytes of storage with documentation on literally all I come across. I will never learn it all, but it feels good to preserve things like that for some reason.

I’m currently learning the basics of web development, something most people already know. My websites are and , both of which are both embarrassing and under construction. There’s just too much to do!


Hello,Myself Avirup Chakraborty.I am a Javascript developer.I have been working on this industry for last 2 years.I am currently introduced Block chain, and My interest has grown day by day.I think Safe Network is the good place for me to learn more about Block Chain.So I am here for Learning about Block chain. Thank you.


Just an IT guy. Found this concept by researching distributed cpu, storage, bandwidth and crypto.


My name is Chris Rydings and i work as a CTO for a global company based out of Scotland, UK. I have always been interested in computing, be it Programming or Infrastructre, since i was very young and have had the pleasure to live and work with some of the best around the world throughout my career. Started out as an engineer working alongside some of the “big players” and really grew my curiosty and career from there.
I came across SAFE through word of mouth via a friend. Since then i have been reading and following the design and principles around the projects listed and watching as they interconnect and grow.


Hi! Im Tom Aszjan.
Im interested in SAFE Network as a web developer.

I hope I will learn fast how to use it.



I am beginning to learn web development with my partner. We would both like to learn how to develop our websites on MaidSafe (which has to do with an app sharing about moving away from speaking in a way which is bureaucratic and voiding ourselves of responsibility to complete responsibility for our words, intentions and actions - love as a language of life).

I am interested in growing the consciousness on this earth through love, awareness and pure intention. Decentralized internet and cryptocurrency are paramount in moving away from power being in the hands of a few to everyone having a voice to build a more sustainable, more supportive earth. We have enough resources already to take care of everyone. I am excited to explore MaidSafe further and would love to chat with anyone who values yoga (union) and whom shares the same sentiments.


Salam , Hi my name is Shafiq Muhammad, and I always ready to LEARN MORE , I guess universe is very complex and full of GREAT PEOPLES, other hand have little knowledge about these, I am very found for acquire new knowledge and ideas about technology, and their effect on philosophy of life, I work in field of mathematics physics and computer, and teaching these to other, it is astonishment for me there is no single phenomenon in universe where these subject are not applied, simply I conclude learning is process to knowing world to make better place to live
i am interested work with SAFE Network, I see SAFE Network work become great job for humanity in near future


Kris here and I’m looking fora greener solution to BitCoin. Hope to find it here.
I’m from Europe, but living in the US for a couple of years now. I’ve some development and architecture experience across the Microsoft stack.


I’m Nick. I have been fascinated with computers since age 7. I taught myself circuit design and built my own computer and got interested in the hardware side of computing. I started learning to code. I learned about the free software movement and got involved in what they are doing by giving speeches, sharing with peers, and switching to free software. I am a compsci major in university always looking toward the future. I started off fascinated with IPFS, ZeroNet and Tor. I am a long time user of Tor.

When I found out about Bitcoin, I was floored. I thought it was the future. After carefully studying it and seeing the critiques, I decided that blockchain on its own could never scale and also that fees were unacceptable. So I began looking into various other projects and eventually found Iota, which is a DAG. After months of researching Iota while studying and working, I discovered that there are problems with it as well. There are big unanswered questions. It wasn’t clear to me that what they were trying to do could be done with a DAG, at least not without radical changes to their core design. They were also struggling with scaling issues. Then I found MaidSafe. I looked at this website and watched some of the videos and was very skeptical.

Decentralization, security, privacy, anonymity, freedom and a digital economy are all main interests of mine. So when I learned of Safenetwork, I thought it was too good to be true. That is, until PARSEC was released. I watched the Youtube videos explaining it several times. I educated myself on self-encryption which is very brilliant. I learned more about DHT, and XOR addresses, proof of resource, and generally how all these components would fit together. I see that all the big questions have already been solved with Safenetwork. This project is how the internet was meant to be. Safenet is what I always wanted and didn’t know until I saw it.

I wasn’t even sure creating a network like this was possible, or at least not in the near-term. But the technology is solid. It will give power back to people, and make the internet a more private, secure, anonymous, fair and accessible place for everyone. I would be interested in contributing any way I can.


Hello my name is Rémy.

With the recent stories I have become quite concerned with privacy and discovered the Safenetwork project.

I find it very interesting and would like to learn more about it, and help where I can.


Hey people! My name is Lorenzo, I’m a computer science university student about to graduate and I’m passionate about cryptocurrencies. I treid almost anything, PoW, PoS, PoC… and then I found you guys via steemit. I really like your proof of resource concept, because I find the standard PoC either risky, centralized or overall buggy. I wish to start contributing soon to the network by farming, in the meantime, see you around the forum!


Hey people!

my info:
I am Christos Tsekouras and I am half Greek half Polish born in Greece and living there with some summer vacations to Poland to visit relatives and escape heat of Greek summer!

my interests:

  1. all technology from very young age:

    • I would fix flashlights
    • make and fix hobby cars, boats, airplanes - gas powered or electric
    • use all kinds of tools for every fix I could get my hands on
  2. arts:

    • music:
      • mainly piano
      • but also greek torlek (toubeleki) - en wiki page for greek torlek (link-enDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/Toubeleki) - (gr wiki page - toubeleki) (link-elDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/%CE%A4%CE%BF%CF%85%CE%BC%CF%80%CE%B5%CE%BB%CE%AD%CE%BA%CE%B9) ,
      • as well as self taught guitar (online sources) and scratched a violin bought for 25€ from a peddler (a street seller at traffic light intersections).
    • paint: in my high school had a lesson about painting, we did pencil drawing of real model items and I made my arts teacher comment really positivly for my work.
    • dance
  3. theoretical:

    • physics
    • math - where I went to a math competition in high-school and passed the first phase!
    • philosophy
      • read the great book by (Alice Miller)(link-enDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/Alice_Miller_(psychologist)) - Prisoners of Childhood (1981) [ISBN - (0-465-06287-3) - (link-enDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/Special:BookSources/0-465-06287-3), which is The Drama of the Gifted Child under a new title
      • going to a philosophy-theology-psychology open lessons in (New Acropolis)(link-enDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/New_Acropolis) an international organization with a goal to provide cheap to free knowledge about the psychological-theological truths of the world organizing lessons and events to open peoples minds with what phylosophers and poets have said and done in their lives!!!
    • psychology
    • biology
  4. hobbies:
    4.1. from dance

    • just dancing young to all music with my cousin being close in age making people happy in events!
    • later as a young adult learning - in universities - and dancing latin dances and argentine tango
    • and continuing to specialize by self learning argentine tango which end up:
      • organizing free lessons and events
      • where I applied my psychology/philosophy findings
      • which lead to creating a method of learning argentine tango
        1. where a male student can dance anywhere with any dama and enjoy the argentine tango dance in just 2 weeks to 1 month
        2. and female a dancer student do the same in 3-4months! (thats because a male dancer has just to learn the basics to lead and he can dance with any moves he knows, but a dama has to learn how to follow many different kavaliero’s and their advanced moves! - although thats needed because argentine kavaliero’s dont know what argentine actually is - which is leading any dama even if a dama has never danced argentine tango, or any dance)

    4.2. to athletics:

    • from walking distances to skateboarding, bicycling
    • to sports based on playing with balls or similar like Shuttlecock for badminton
      • played somewhat semi-professionally basket in my highschool and local basketball team.
      • tennis
      • ping-pong - where I got bronze medal in high-school
      • badminton
      • volley
    • to extreme sports like:
      • winter ones’: ski, snowboard, ice-skating, snow-slating
      • summer ones’: swimming, windsurfing, beach volley

I want to thank my parents for all this I was able to do, because my ancestors fought in liberating wars, worked hard, believed in good behavior, in family and society!

I wish SAFE Network really do what it is supposed to do so all people in the world have the same freedom to persue multiple interests and not live dark lives, either economical, political, or mind prisons!

p.s. dama is the female dancer and kavaliero is the male dancer


Hey everyone, my name is Brock Wilkie. I recently graduated college and have my first technology job as an IS Analyst. I am learning a lot from groups like this and want to continue to grow. I want the worlds problems fixed so often there is a system in place that prevents that from happening. That is why I try to get involved in groups like this that create a better system that doesn’t hinder individuals. I am sure I won’t be contributing nearly as much as many of you but I will do what little I can!


Hi, My name is Patrick Wilcox. I’m just very interested in learning about everything crypto and seeing how I fit in with everything that is happening. It’s all very exciting to see the great possibilities in decentralized applications from storage to email, finance, and so much more. I’m a professional landscaper and interested in growing healthy sustainable food and teaching people how to balance minerals in the soil. I’m sure somewhere down the road the things I’m interested in will have some blockchain applications. I hope this post is going where it’s supposed to. I’m new to alot but I do think I have a keen mind.


Hi I’m new and I want to mine. I believe in Cryptocurrencies and I want to participate in the network.


Hi,everyone~My name is Fatboy and i come from china.I’m so interest in safe network and i can’t wait to use it.