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Hi. My name is “Ed”. I stumbled on a post by Dave for a SAFE-WRT alternative firmware here: SAFE-WRT Open Source Router, and am in agreement about easily available tools to increase privacy and security. In fact, I hope to find a solution for private communication that can be used by people who need to do work in hostile countries. My dilemma is not so much technical as it is to encourage certain types of behavior and discourage others. How can one have a secure system that doesn’t encourage the worst kinds of behavior unless one finds ways to be selective about who can use these systems? The restricted entry here seems to be one way of doing so, but I’m sure there are other ways.


Hi Everyone, My name is Seg, I’ve been watching SAFE network for nearly a couple of years now. I am excited by the mobile development kit announcements. I think there is a true likelihood that this will generate many great innovations harnessing the amazing potential here. It’s all very cool indeed.



interested in the technology itself. I wish to investigate the usability, design, app etc.
The project seems really great, I checked the source code on GitHub. Amazing. Great work, truly.

Let’s see!


Hello, all, I’m a new fish in this growing pond – I found this ‘pond’ through Mozilla’s podcast (‘pondcast?’), and feel as though I’m being welcomed to the first day of the rest of my internet.

…Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi (again),

I sort of jumped the gun and introduced myself over in the Beginners Start Here topic, so I’ll use this post to say that the Safenet forum is the second group I’ve discovered in the past month that is using the forum software! It has a nice, clean user interface and all of the features you could want. Love it!

I will be interested to see what sort of forum technology is available within Safenet itself.


David Baril
Almonte CA-ON


hello I’m a interested in the SAFEnetwork.


Hello all!
I am also interested in the SAFEnetwork! I have been lurking in this forum for several years and thought it was about time to join the conversation. This project and its fundamentals have inspired me to pursuit a degree in computer science. I hope to one day run a vault and develop apps for the network. I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this amazing community! Cheers


Hi all, I followed the links here from Mozilla’s IRL podcast in the same way many of you did. I find the idea of a decentralized network fascinating, and previously I’d only considered a decentralized internet to be something more like the larger internet broken down into smaller localized networks run by local communities.

I’ll be giving the primer a read here to get a better idea of how SAFE works, but I’m interested in learning from the members of this community in the future.


Hellow! My name is Val. I’m a new to the SAFE Network and would grately appreciate your support here. Thank you.


Hi everyone, happy to be here. I am crypto enthusiastic.


Hi everyone, I’m new here, it’s my first day, a great, very interesting project. I greet


Hello all. I just discovered Safe network today through the Mozilla podcast about a decentralized internet. So I am here to learn more about it and see what its capable of. I probably will have a ton of questions and be around in the forums often. I am an indie game developer with some web design experience wondering if something like multiplayer gaming will be possible on safe network.


Hi I’m Benjiex, I’m a Web Designer and a Marketing in an Online Company that offers cat supplies such as beds, toys, litter pan and many mor. I’m here to learn more about safe networking. Please welcome me! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I did not introduce myself
Vittorio, I am


Hi everyone. I was big into Elastos last year but overlooked Maidsafe…how foolish I was. An incredible project and with such a large positive community. I think Safe Network has perhaps the strongest chance of replacing the current internet as things currently stand. A bonus is that it is based in the UK!


Hi I am Andy. I am a salesman and crypto daytrader. I don’t know much of the sorcery of coding that makes crypto work. I just know it works and is still very useful to people that don’t necessary fully understand what is under the hood. I am sure the safe network has similar properties. I am here to try to increase my understanding of this magic and also to help bring its benefits to more people that are also just common non-magical peasants to.


sup, i make software with Rust and other great tech.


I’m Bobby. @Bobby
I’m interested in the SAFE network project from both a technical and humanitarian perspective.


Hi. I’m Richard. Small coding experience and have written some some software manuals in the past.

Interested in SAFE as a user rather than as a developer, and I’m looking forward to trying things out. Have several websites hosted on commercial servers, but also have two home servers on which I have a Solid POD server and a couple of websites.


Hello everyone. I’ve already said a quick hi on the beginners general post, but thought I’d do an official one here. I’m the CTO of Oracle-D, a major project on the STEEM blockchain. We are looking into how we can integrate features of the Safenetwork into what we do in creating some pretty interesting applications. We are very well known in our field, and have spoken all around the world about what we are doing trying to heighten awareness, adoption and real world usage cases, as well as building communities around the ecosystem.

We have a number of interesting usage cases which we have been pursuing, and would be very keen to speak to developers who have a good understanding of the safenetwork, and would be willing and open to conversations about collaboration and/or commercial project development.

Hope to get to speak to some great people here, and see what the potentials are.