Introduce yourself

Hi Everyone,

My name is Philip Garnett, I am an academic and researcher in the UK. I am interested in the future of the internet, and how it can become more decentralised. I am concerned about surveillance, net neutrality, and the power of the large technology companies. I would be interested in talking to people about there views of how the internet has developed vs how they would like it to develop. I look forward to getting more involved in SAFE, I would particularly like to run a web server.


Hi, I’m Matthew, from the UK. I’ve a little experience of programming… I did basic on the BBC Model B 32K my folks bought circa 1982. I mainly played Elite though, and would always ship narcotics as they seemed lucrative, though I didn’t know what narcotics were, or why the police would always shoot at me. I digress… I messed about with basic programming and watched contemporaries get internet connections and visit bulletin boards, and start hacking. I got into girls and beer instead. I’m pretty handy on excel and can manipulate VB code when I need to.

The internet seems so narrow now… so I’m fully supportive of attempts to broaden and balance it, if that can help us establish a happy, sustainable, non-violent way of life then I’m right behind it.

I’m always looking to learn new things, pick up new tricks, not afraid to get things wrong.

Excited to come here!


I am Hiro Zarf. US Based guy with a strong fascination with technology. Started with a Commodore Vic-20 and programming in basic. On a cassette drive. I feel old now.

Played with various systems over the years, dropped out of college, and then starting working in Tech Support in 1994. My first employer created and sold Unix based medical billing software until they were bought out.

Started working as a local consultant for non-profit agencies setting up networks, creating computer labs, building boxes, etc.

In 1997 I discovered that companies would pay me very well to teach their employees how to perform basic tasks on PCs and laptops. Worked as a contract Technical Trainer for 13 years for more than 50 companies. Got tired of traveling and gave it up to design elearning modules for various clients. That got boring, too.

Most recently, I have worked as a business consultant with start-ups. In my spare time, I try to keep up with most areas of IT. Just for fun. That kind of describes my entire career. It was just for fun.

I am fascinated with the privacy issues and the direction that we have been herded. I came here because it seemed interesting.

That’s about it I guess. Oh, I have a cat. And a girlfriend. Both live with me.


Hi, I’m xaen.

I’m excited to see where all this leads to!


Hi I’m Evan Landers. I am a transcriptionist, an IT professional and a college student. Ever since the Snowden leaks, I have had an intense interest in cryptography and cybersecurity. I am a strong believer in tried and true ciphers, thus I am a proponent of GPG. Thus, I am skeptical of the new cipher used in this network, but optimistic due to what the SAFE network is trying to achieve.I am interested in joining the SAFE network because, due to my privacy activism, I have been hacked many times, and each time it happens I feel violated.

I’m interested in making friends that are also interested in cryptography and cybersecurity, so please, send me your ASCII armored PGP/GPG public keys so we can chat!


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Hi, I’m Duncan. I’m a C++ developer from the UK but now living in Portugal. I’m just starting to get into crypto currency and thought this project looked interesting.


Hi I’m Ron a retired professional engineer. Been around since early days fo personal computers and have become increasingly dismaied at the degrading quality of content on the internet. There was a time when you could find great stuff created by real enthusiasts. Its still there just burried under mountains of comercial drival. Have thought for some time that a decentralized web one that cannot be used to turn the users into a product to be exploted and milked might be a cure. Hope safenet is the beginning of such a system.


Rodney Volkmar here, first Computer was a ZX80, I still think the Amiga was the best system ever made, Loving Linux distro’s these days, Jack of too many trades in Real Life, Builder, Graphic Artist, Web designer, Hair Stylist, I think they call it ADD, I like to do things I enjoy and learning new stuff, this winter I roofed my house, built a chicken coop and a Pyramid Greenhouse…
I am an Idea Guy, Clever like a Monkey, looking forward to the InnerNet being active, for now safe internet will be nice. I dream of People owed Banks and 24 hour voting systems, A president that is the voice of the people. I live in a Unique multi Religious/Spiritual area in Colorado


Hi :slight_smile:

I registered a couple of months back, but never posted an introduction post. So, here it is :

I first heard about Maidsafe thanks to @JayBird, I basically have no technical background but I loved the idea very much, and love it more and more. I have a degree in cinema but I don’t know what to do with that, so I’m learning to code because it’s a lot of fun, and hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be able to work on small dev projects (not sure if frontend or backend or both, for the moment, still a loooot to learn!!). I wish I had started coding a couple of years ago, so I could have applied for a position at Maidsafe in India hehe :slight_smile:

Half of my savings (it’s not worth much haha but still) now is in Maidsafecoin, because I believe the Safenet will launch and when it does we can finally start the revolution. :fist:

Apart from that I live in a reasonably sunny part of France, I like cycling, and I spend quite some time on this forum.


I’m William D. Richards and I’m a Science Fiction and Fantasy author—my current series is Aggadeh Chronicles with two books released and roughly three or four to go. Considering the nature of my work, I’m always forward-looking, seeking out new ideas and concepts.

I learned how to program using BASIC on an old Digital mainframe, my first computer was a Timex-Sinclair 1000, followed by a used Apple //e. I taught myself assembly programming on the 6502 and then C not long after. Add to that C++, Fortran, Forth, PHP, Python, etc. Admittedly, since leaving the high technology field I haven’t done much programming other than as a little exercise to stretch my brain when I want to take a break from writing.

I’m a staunch proponent of IPV-6 and look forward to the day when it completely replaces IPV-4 as the standard of network communication on the internet. And that brings me to look at SafeNet as a way of further protecting the privacy of people using the network and thus enhancing its usefulness. When the foundations for what would eventually become the Internet were laid, the creators did not anticipate the phenomenal growth and impact it would have on the world as a whole. For this, there are a lot of holes in this communication network that need fixing. I look at SafeNet as a possibility in this need.


Hi. I am Subramanian. I believe I am in the first 0.1% of people to adapt to the changing world of blockchain powered technologies. Looking forward to what all barriers this technology can break. I HODL a few under 1 dollar altcoins in my wallet. I like mining new altcoins with low difficulty. Even though the value is less, I like to HODL large number of coins than holding a fraction of a coin with high rate.

Would love to test Safenet


Hello World (0.0-0^0)![Dan1|


Entrepreneur turned fiction writer here - although today’s literary market means writers are just entrepreneurs with fewer rewards. I never got along well with authority and I’m just aghast at what has happened to the Internet I was promised. I’ll never forget the excitement and pleasure of my first google search. Don’t Be Evil was a central tenet for them, and I’ll never forgive them for betraying that. As a former resident of the Bay Area, I have felt and witnessed the unimaginably destructive effects of the kinds of wealth that centralized internet creates on local communities, and I believe a more equitable society begins with a decentralized currency and communications network.

It’s terrifying that there are adults who with no memory of a non-corporate, uncommodified internet.


hello all
WP here, artist, broadcaster, tec, London…

nice to be here…


hi my name and Tiago Neves Rodrigues, I currently live in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. I’m a fan of technology currently working with the development of virtual store sites, I’m currently mining some coins per GPU and others for ASICs, I also have servers running Sia and Storj where there will probably be a Maidsafe node soon. I believe the Maidsafe network is a major breakthrough against censorship of governments or any other entity. Sorry for the English. I will be part of this community here in Brazil.


I’m Bob Stammers, working in programming and systems since the 1970s, an enthusiast for open systems, I’m keen to learn about maidsafe and may well be able to contribute to its development.


Hello all, I am Brennan. I am an undergraduate student in computer engineering and math at the University of South Carolina and working as a robotics research assistant. I read about this in a Guardian piece and thought it matched my ideals so here I am. I’m hoping to help work on this to provide a free and secure technological future.


Hi! my name is Ruben,
I have been sneaking around on this forum for some time and I thought it was time to introduce myself properly. I’m a student industrial engineering in The Netherlands and have been following the crypto world for quite a few years. I first read about MAIDSAFE on some forum and was fascinated by their vision! After a few years of putting only money into crypto I’m looking to get involved in a different way. I’m not a programmer, so I’m still figuring out how to make my contribution to the project :slight_smile:


well … first of all, i am so glad that I can be between such amazing people I read some of the comments above and wow some people have such dynamic erotic lives especially with technology, programming stuff.

My name is Mohamed or Joe I am from Egypt, I don’t have any programming or coding skills although I always dreamed to be one, I love AI and data science, I am real life accountant but I don’t really know much about it, I am blogger have a couple of websites.

how I got here I read a lot about technology, gadgets