Introduce yourself

My name is Michael LeCompte.
I have been following the Maidsafe project for almost 2 years on and off. I first heard about it on SovrynTech podcast and subsequent interviews with David Irvine. I enjoy the Safecrossroads podcast too.
I heard about Bitcoin in January 2011 and got interested. I am a tech noob but would like to see a more decentralized world.
I am glad to see a new decentralized alternative to this centralized mass surveillance system currently called the Internet is being developed.
I have worked in liquor retail and do housekeeping but recently have had more interest in technology that will free the
human race.


Hi everyone,

My name is Neil Haran and I am a software engineer turned Activist. I believe the future of internet is a decentralized one where privacy is in place.

Although retired, these days I’m responsible for a few initiatives within government to reform elections (bring provably fair voting to elections) as well as introduce digital currency to cities and communities such that they support local businesses and promote helpfulness within the community.

Lastly, my background has been largely in software engineering for video games. My last company was a Robot building/crafting game called Rawbots, which got sold, and so I’m looking for my next venture (most likely in decentralized gaming and applications).

Anyone interested in learning more about what I’m doing, please feel free to email me at

Kind regards,


Hello Maidsafe community,

I participated in the crowdsale and followed the project since just before then. Been lurking on the forums for the Dev updates and any interesting topics but thought it was about time to make an introduction.

I’m a tech noob but have been learning to code. The interest has definitely been influenced by the decentralised evolution that Maidsafe is part of, and i hope to be able to make some sort of contribution. Although it unlikely to be by way of contributing code, i hope there will be other ways i can contribute.

I am intrigued by monetary theory and believe the centralisation of issuing currency is one of our greatest problems. We need to change the idea of money being a “thing” in itself, and work more towards money being like a measurement. And so am interested in the economics of safecoin and how it will be implemented.

By the way guys, great community being built up here. Some extremely helpful and considerate members. Keep it up! Looking forward to the future.


Hi,I am fairly new to this. I teach maths/IT by day and dabble by night!. I am one of the founders of eMunie and owner of the currently-off-line site These two projects are my main interest in internet technology and decentralised/distributed networks. Coding wise - I am an expert dabbler! However I think the Maidsafe project is interesting and want to be part of it and discover more: probably the farming aspect to begin with.
I studied Computer Science back in the day, 1976 - 78 at Aberdeen University but drifted away into sales as a profession before recently getting into teaching.


In case anyone wants to learn more about the features of emunie check out Ians youtube channel:


Just like boyceiom I am a very non-technical person who participated in the crowdsale, followed the project since just before then and been lurking on the forum. However, as a female of African descent, I am not the typical person you would find in the cryptocurrency space.

Since being introduced to bitcoin by another non-tech person like me, what has caused the most frustration has been my technical illiteracy. Considering I often times feel like my questions are viewed by technical people as stupid, I hesitate to ask questions and prefer to read and try to understand as much as I can (which does not get me very far). I wish I could read and understand the Maidsafe code for myself but I have just had to trust the positive feedback you constantly get from the more technical community members.

It’s hard to trust anyone in the wild wild west of the cryptocurrency world but when I heard David say in one of his interviews that mining destroys resources while farming creates them I found hope. I could never figure out how to mine no matter how hard I tried and I always felt like it was wasteful. Farming is what technical and nontechnical people alike can instantly participate in. This is the most exciting and significant part of Maidsafe in my opinion. Because of your respect for nature, self sacrifice and desire to reach across the board to nontechnical people like me, I am confident that Maidsafe will produce a harvest 10/100 times what you have sowed.

This is less of an introduction and more of a way to say a heart felt thank you to David and the whole Maidsafe team for what they are doing as well as encourage you with the diversity of people you can reach with the farming approach. Keep up the good work and I wait patiently for the launch.


Hi there, I’m a senior eng at Huge Corporation Inc. in New York City. and excited about Maidsafe’s potential.
I don’t have time to code outside of my normal job, but would like to set up farming nodes.
Starting with a few at home, and scaling from there.
I’m starting small with a Beagle board.


I am Keith, from New York for 2 years of my life… but reside in Florida mostly, including now (but probably change, soon). I’m 30 and still living with my heart-diseased mother, working as a cashier etc. at Wal-Mart (of all places…), though have started to find ways to save/earn even more money—ironically (or, not so surprisingly) thanks solely to Bitcoin-related websites. I worked on free transcriptions in 2008-2009 for Zeitgeist’s movement, and watched Alex Jones videos with fervor for 2 years around then, though stopped updating myself on both of their statuses several years ago. (OK I still reluctantly look at the latter every so often… call me a crazy nut job; I can 95% tell what’s going to be talked about based on the title of their videos, so I check 5% whenever I do browse them.)

I was slightly intrigued by some of the hollers in 2014 December from Poloniex’s chat box (the name of the coin having a peculiar ring to it), but didn’t fully look into it until very quickly later, when forum member SilasB (whom I’ve known since High School; and he posted in this thread a year ago; also I’m obscenely late to this party!) e-mailed me everything about Maidsafe and the SAFE Network.

It’s been so long since then that I kind of have forgotten about the stream of feelings that led me where I still am now. But I fully supported only this technology very soon after, caring about no other thing. At the very beginning I was lazy, sat around looking at the price, as well as having started to tell my day-trading buddy/others about it and how it would be amazing.

I got in very early, but not the earliest I could’ve, since all I was doing was telling others about it: again, too lazy to put in the money yet, and still kick myself a tiny bit for not getting in at the 3000s (which we’re funnily enough still at—in a way, logically so, since almost nothing has been publicly released yet, though IMO it appears as though awareness through higher level news breaks is already beginning their occurrence).

Along with an incredible amount of things changing for me already in 2016 (and probably millions of people, really, if not the whole planet), the release absolutely slated for this year will have me planning/doing many great projects for the adoption of the Network’s very safe/convenient secured private autonomous revolutionary technology. Telling others how they’ll be able to earn money is most of the reason anyone will ever need to convince people to use it. (The technical newness, though, no matter how easy it’s made to use by the time of release, could prove to be a tiny hurdle.)

I’m absurdly bad at programming for how many classes of it I’ve taken. I have such interest here, though, that it’s a little bit of a relief that I get to learn about very complex (to me) technological vernaculars. It’s still way over my head, but I’m going to start looking up definitions for everything that “I think I know” but really do not. (I’ll still never be able to program in RUST, unless a miracle of miracles happens, let alone RUST + Maidsafe’s endeavors.)



I’m james-thomas. Even though I’ve known about Bitcoin, it has only been recently that I have actually taken the time to explore it and other currencies. Since I have not trusted large corporations, including government for a long time, as far as my privacy and information are concerned.

Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc… Are all stealing our information and at the same time, they sensor, edit, delete information they don’t approve of.

I like the idea of being a part of a community that shares and stores information privately without wanting to steal or profit from it.
I’m not much of a programmer, so my contribution will be providing storage space and bandwidth to assist with the growth of the SAFE network.


My name is Patrick. I’ve been working in IT for 20+ years. My last big project was iWarehouse–kind of like OnStar for forklifts. I’ve worked with JD Edwards ERP, SQL Server, multi-dimensional databases, and a variety of programming languages.

In the last few years, I have shifted my focus from databases to web technologies, but I find I am back to learning SQLite and the C++ Boost libraries.

I got burned by Butterfly Labs and HashFast in 2013, and am struggling to get back on my feet.

MaidSafe seems really exciting. It makes me wonder what kind of applications and code libraries we will build to support location-agnostic storage. The struggle to define some kind of “Proof of Existence” or “Proof of Identity” is very intriguing. The prospect of building trustless systems where fraud is absent is very appealing.


Hi, am honored to join the SAFE forum. Either everybody matters or nothing matters at all. This miracle of an idea called SAFE is exactly for people like you and for anyone who believes in the concept of freedom and equality. In a free society no one is above and no one is below another. Every person that exists has a huge value to the world just because they exist. In 5 to 10 years time the last 2 decades will be viewed as the dark ages. A dark time for mankind when distrust, paranoia, corruption and greed ruled the earth. SAFE is the birth of a new age for mankind to begin again with the opposite concepts, trust, belief, honesty and sharing. This is what our parents taught us when we were children and then we went out into the big wide world and discovered it was the opposite. But the truth is that 99% of human beings are exactly what our parents said they were. Warm honest people who just want to live a peaceful and safe life, and share that life with someone we love, and experience that life with people we care about. And every act of love we do and every experience we share is somehow added to the every growing database of human existence in this place we call the universe.


I’m not sure how to go about writing this, but I want to get this out there:

I had a family related issue and my home life was turned on it’s head over two years ago. Something happened in my family unit that shattered my relationship with my entire family and my friends distanced themselves from me and my family being embarrassed by the situation.

Losing my home, life long friends and family completely destroyed my world view - I started to pursue the meaning of truth and my eyes have been opened to the world as it is, and not as I used to perceive it.

Some good things came from this I realized I had the love of a righteous woman. I married her, she’s with child. I recognized my true friends were not my college peers, but the ones who made themselves available to me and struggled with me. Through the help of an older couple who was friends with my wife. I was able to land a small developer job at a regional bank and had a roof over my head again. I’ve been struggling to get by, but my struggle was never financial. I struggled for meaning.

When you start to see the world for what it is, and you understand how some members of our species have used deception, and corruption using information to control us instead of liberate us. To destroy us. To destroy our people. How they’ve robbed us of our humanity our ability to exercise mutual trading - where a trade is mutually beneficial for both parties’ (enriching both parties).

I found myself in an existential crisis working for a system that was raping my species.

Don’t misunderstand me my view is not based in the negativity of my current life situation. Human creativity is a beautiful gift we were given to administrate goodness in this world. We are administrators of life. We shape and preserve life.The beauty I see in the human race through our many innovations nothing else compares.

But the world has fallen prey to the Occultists [occult means to obscure - they’ve obscured true knowledge]. They have deceived our people into believing that a system that is built in defiance of the natural laws and orders of economic science has created an unnatural system that sows and reaps destruction of our own species.

My people have forgotten that this unnatural system that moves the financial markets of the world is fuelled by humans as resources for fuel. Instead of resources produced by humans.

but I digress. I wanted to say I believe in this project because it’s adhering
laws of nature which we approximate through the science of economics. I believe in this project because it restores our people their ability to produce value, and engage in the exchange of wealth.

My brothers and sisters - this project gives me hope in a world of darkness.
I invested my entire savings not because I seek to be enriched, but because should this project succeed. It will restore my hope that one day my people will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. Let the record show that this little ant did his part.


My name is Abdellah. I currently have a Embedded Systems Engineering degree.
I am a freelancer.
Having looked through the forum, I was very delighted to find the opportunity to learn about MaidSafe. I hope I get along with you guys.
I have some knowledge about the crypt-world, but still I think I’m way to far to say I’m not a beginner.
I’m looking forward to make a stand in here.


Hi all

I am Ekjot Singh. I am From India. I am Currently perusing Master’s Degree in Business IT from RMIT University, I have recently extended my existing knowledge and expertise in the field of IT. With my quest to look for an education program that has Business IT focus, the Masters of Business IT program at RMIT emerged as the right choice. Good industry reputation coupled with culturally diverse experience has allowed me to grow professionally and personally.I have always been eager to learn and tried to keep myself up–to–date with the IT developments. I have ability to learn new processes quickly and with ease.

Extra curricular: I love cricket and I follow the game passionately. I am also student ambassador of RMIT and mentor for RMIT mates program. I am people’s person and love talking to people about anything interesting (well if not interesting then I make it interesting)

I was introduced to Maidsafe last semester by one of my very good buddy TJ who was part of it. I am very excited about the safe network as decentralized database and privacy are the main issues and this software is going to address these and I am sure I will learn many new skills and there’s going to be a lot of fun working.


Hello everyone i’m Frankie from Edinburgh and have been observing the progress of this from afar for sometime now through a close friend, my I.T. skills are some what limited which won’t deter me in any way whatsoever. My background is Sales(Furniture) so this is new to me to a degree and will inevitably will make mistakes. Maidsafe has blew my mind and i am really excited about the future. Thanks.


Hello, everybody, my name is ForestCoin! I come from China! I like maidsafe,just build safe network! My home in I hope maidsafe can give me some advice.I want to work hard to develop his application,Hope to find a friend to join me in the development of ForestCoin with my friends


We have to give it wings…

Not for the safecoins, not for the profit but just for the future in networking and every things that matters. MaidSafe have proved itself during the last months, they have given us all a taste what the future will be but this taste gives hunger for more :slight_smile: and there is the key! The hunger for for more can only be satisfied by proving that the vision is in reach in the lower basic networking layers, let us see if this is true and then …

My name is Greger Isaksson, retired old and still going in the evolution which will turn the world around in the best… lets see, We have to give it wings! I will …


My name’s John McPhail.
I run an IT Support business in and around Glasgow.
I have been interested in Bitcoin since around 2012.
I first came across it when I was asked to help a company recover their server data following a “ransomware” virus.
They weren’t a client of mine at the time and they didn’t have an up to date backup.
I had to advise them to pay the bitcoin ransom and hope the crooks were as good as their word.
Thankfully, it turned out that they were.

I came across Maidsafe about the same time while researching bitcoin and was immediately excited about the SAFE project.
I’m a libertarian at heart, like many of us, sick of privately owned central banks, corporate abuses and the erosion of civil liberties.
Now’s not the time for a rant though.
I think this is a world changing project with astonishing potential and very much needed.

I have an investment in Maidsafecoin and very much look forward to the project going live.
I have been following the development updates for a few months now.

I’m not a programmer or developer unfortunately, but would like to help / participate in any way I can.


Hi everyone,

My name is Hendrik, a Dutchman living in Germany.
I am a database programmer, I’ve been doing that for over 20 years now.
Maidsafe came to my attention when I was browsing Rick Falkvinge’s website. (The founder of the Swedish Pirate Party)

I feel Safenetwork is a concept with great potential and I would like to start by contributing some constructive criticisms.


Hi everyone

My name is tomjoad, or Tom. I’ve worked as a branding/communications contributor on the NuBits project, which is a stable decentralized cryptocurrency that has maintained a $1.00 US price peg for over 500 consecutive days.

I am now working on branding communications for B&C Exchange, an upcoming decentralized exchange that will allow the trading of native blockchain assets as opposed to proxy assets. Additional information on our operational model can be found in our bitcointalk thread, including details regarding our blockchain-based governance, decentralized cryptoequity, and Bitcoin dividends.

MaidSafe is a leader in decentralized solutions, so it is likely that B&C Exchange shareholders will be supporting MaidSafe cryptoassets like MaidSafeCoin once full-scale trading is enabled on the exchange.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the MaidSafe network and community as the MVP approaches release.