Introduce Yourself - User Engagement


I am interested in and was just thinking bout the Introduce yourself section of the forum.

There are a lot of people posting in there and regularly (I think we are up past 9K+ total users in the forum) but not so many of those users that post an introduction are then posting again in other parts of the forum from what I can see.

Wondering what others think of actively engaging a little better by allowing current users to post replies in there?

Currently new users post a comment but no current user can reply and say welcome.

My thinking is that if a new user perhaps says what they are interested in, where they come from other users can comment and engage in discussion “oh hi X, I am from X too, I too am interested in X…”

But of course that could easily derail the thread. That’s obvious.

Another idea would be to perhaps do a weekly summary of new users?

What other way’s can we engage with the new users on this forum?

Thank you


I agree that it may derail the thread, but I’m not too sure if this would be a good idea, mostly because I assume that most people that come here come for privacy reasons, and getting battered by a variety of personal questions seems kind of strange then.

Then again, I never use or get the point of those threads any way so… maybe?


I agree with you but we do need to do our best to engage with these folks. We have a healthy growing community and we need to feed it.

The people are what will make this thing work. Nothing else.