Intresting movie about the future where there is no privacy

This movie explores the future and cyber security where there is no privacy and everyones eyes are the surveillance cameras and everyons lives are recorded and available to authorities.

It is a Netflix movie called “Anon”

Some very interesting concepts explored and underlying theme of authorities want everything recorded and no privacy, but some want anonymity.

"Its not that I have something to hide. Its that I have nothing I want you to see"


As humans I think privacy is a basic need, so I’ll be interested to see how this is explored in Anon.

For example, without privacy what happens to individuality, which is something we have a very strong need to establish.

I’m not sure what the basis was for making privacy a human right (part of the ECHR I think) but maybe that was part of the reason.

Unfortunately its a 1.5 Hour movie and is a little scant on story (its a murder mystery), but the implications are there. The police commissioner says that once major crime is automatically detected then the minor crime and non crime can be dealt with through total surveillance. Anonymous people destroy the chance of that he says.

Some may find the movie interesting for its exploration of augmented reality, which really doesn’t explore total surveillance, just scratches the surface of it and in this I was a little disappointed, but at least they did start.

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