Intheoreum - SAFE Network killer!

Intheoreum - Ultra - Centralized Turing Incomplete Arbitrary Trust Application Economy

Based on Bobchain Technology

In a world becoming increasingly decentralized, only mavericks move in the other direction.

What is Intheoreum?

Intheoreum is a new platform for ultra-centralized applications with arbitrary trust. C-APPS allow people all over the world to conduct transactions, by placing their trust in one man, Bob.

Bob controls a worldwide public record of all transactions and is provably arbitrary. We call this record, the Bobchain.

The only limit on what you can do with Intheoreum is Bob himself. The Bobchain is nothing more than a man in a room maintaining the state of the intheoreum network with Number 2 Pencil technology. New transactions come in and Bob records them. Questions about the state of a transaction go to Bob as well, he responds when he can or doesn’t. Bob is chained in a room to ensure maximum uptime of the Intheoreum network.

We briefly considered a more arbitrary model where humans with large computers that waste energy, control wealth and ensure trust, but then we met Bob and he seemed cool and willing to do it.


The The Economy

THE is the exchange symbol for Theory, the fuel that powers the InTheoreum network. Its kind of like money except we don’t say that. Once a transaction has occured a C-APP can ask Bob about the state of a particular user account and Bob will respond with an accurate answer measured in Theory. Or not. It’s as simple as that.

Users can transfer THE from one account to another just by asking Bob. Transaction failures can happen but they are guaranteed to be arbitrary.

Intheoreum 1.0 Technology

It’s Here!

Intheoreum 1.0 will uses a cutting edge client/server hybrid peer to peer model. Bob is simultaneously your slave and your master. Our testing phase is complete and the Bobchain is live.

Just ask Bob if you can use it today.

Scaleable Intheoreum 2.0 Technology

Coming when neccesary!

As worldwide interest in the Intheorum network increases success may overwhelm Bob alone. Foreseeing this problem we are planning Inthereum 2.0 technology to incorporate JENNYCHAIN, TIMCHAIN, SALLYCHAIN technology.

These four chained individuals form a two dimensional hypercube. To ensure that each one chained in the hypercube maintains the same level of arbitrariness Inthereom 2.0 implements a “Chinese Room” protocol for communication within the hypercube. Messages entering the cube are translated to Chinese and outgoing message are translated back to there native language. Since no-one inside the cube speaks Chinese, arbitrariness is ensured

What the Press are saying

“After years of watching our Dogecoins rise and fall because of some random politician in Greece who doesn’t even know what a public key is, the world stands ready to embrace the full-arbitrariness-renaissance.” - CoinShill Magazine

“I moved to Iceland for the cheap electricity and haven’t seen the sun in many months. By moving my assets onto the Bobchain I can live anywhere in the world. I’m thinking Barbados… do you think Bob will let me?” – CryptoFoLife

I’m up to my ears in cryptographic mumbo jumbo! Just tell me if I’m rich or not Bob!” - BitLate

“It’s launch marks the dawn of a new era of human social activity-- Wait, who’s Bob… we’re talking about Ethereum right?” - Some guy at a bitcoin conference.


Of course, Bob would be behind this. I saw a story about him on the news back in the '70s (or was it on Saturday Night Live?). Anyway, it was all about Bob’s Bank. I guess he made good.


You can trust almighty Bob, he’s legit. :wink:


Laughing all the way to the bank. :grin:


One Bob to rule them all. And in the Bobchain bind them. Eat your hearts out Rothschilds! Oh, wait a minute, what if Bob is a pseudonym for the Rothschilds or their new AI?

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