Interview with Glen, creator of Devolution

You’ll have all likely watched @Glen_Simister video on his devolution app. We wanted to find out a bit more so he very kindly took time out and spoke to us. You can read the interview [here] on Medium.

Thanks again Glen!


Very nice @Glen_Simister and @Cgray. My favourite part:

I also posted some ideas about a browser extension called “GiveMeCredit” on the MaidSafe forum approximately 4 years ago (2015). To be honest though, I never actually intended to code anything, instead I just wanted to contribute to the community by throwing down some ideas and perhaps offering to help with some of the design work. Time passed and I started playing around with some designs, then starting adding a bit of code, and things progressed from there.

I know exactly what you mean :slight_smile: and it’s great this has happened to more than one person I think.


Stellar interview! My favourite part is:

Most of the initial work was done in Nepal (April 2018). I took a month off work to do a meditation retreat. I couldn’t find an affordable retreat centre that allowed me to stay for one month so I rented a room on a hilltop in a relatively remote location. It didn’t pan out too well as I ended up drinking the local liquor (Raksi), and it went down hill from there — as in I moved off the hilltop and decided to use the free time to develop this application.

So we owe Devolution to Raksi!


Nice interview. May I ask why it’s not posted with the Maidsafe account?

We are going to trial posting for our own individual accounts to add more personality and showcase the team a bit more. It’s a test so we’ll see how it goes! :slight_smile:


Seems like a good idea.