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I am a young investor in Maidsafe. I recently decided to do a school paper on Maidsafe for my writing 122 class. I was wondering if anyone related to the development of Maidsafe would be willing to do a mini-interview for the project. The interview would only be 3 questions and could be done through email or on the forum itself. I am very excited about Maidsafe technology and would be thrilled to interview you on the topic. (I was unsure which category to put this in, but this one seemed the closest)


Well done you, thinking outside the box and getting involved in new things so early in your career, kudos :+1:

If you list the questions then we could all take a bash at answering them and you would be in a great position to have several interviews to choose from. If its only 3 questions then I am sure a lot of folk will answer. An important point for your project is that you may find a community member has the best answers and not a MaidSafe employee. Its just that this project seems to be really well balanced in erms of input, MaidSafe don’t really lead, it works very much alongside the community and from answers here you may find more authority from a community member than a MaidSafe team member. So you get the choice and everyone has an equal voice :+1:


Ok. Here are my questions that I was going to ask: (also by youth I mean I am a high school senior taking a writing 122 class at the local community college)

What applications of Maidsafe do you think will have the most impact upon the world if it becomes widely adopted? And how much of the modern internet do you think will be replaced?

What do you think is the greatest threat to Maidsafe being widely adopted? Or in other words, what is the most likely thing to cause Maidsafe to fail? For example, the lack of applications developed/ported to Maidsafe, the development team running out of funding due to scale, or the lack of widespread use in favor of centralized solutions.

And finally, assuming Maidsafe succeeds, what if any value do you think traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum will possess post launch? And will they even survive at all?

Most these are opinion based so try not to just tell me what you think will happen. The reasons why are far more important to the project than just answering them literally.


Sneaky 2 questions question :smiley:
a: There is a forum thread for the most wanted app. I would not guess too much there, but I hope to see neural net networks and health being large parts of the ecosystem.
b: I think pretty much all server based parts (i.e. about 100% of it).

I will try and answer for the SAFE network adoption here, as MaidSafe is just a company

I think the greatest threat would be like any project, lack of tenacity or failing to keep dreaming. In terms of more tangible things then I imagine not being able to get the magic app that inspires millions to take it up. Governments, funding etc. can all be much more easily solved in my opinion.

Interesting point, I suspect ASIC resistance is futile and will keep centralising POW, I am opposed to proof of stake as I feel it’s not making things more democratic or inclusive. However, in saying all of that these projects pass the test of time, so far. I cannot tell what they will evolve into, things like Aglorand and coda (Coda: Keeping Cryptocurrency Decentralized | by Mina Protocol | MinaProtocol | Medium) could certainly improve on transfer of wealth only systems. So it is an interesting area. SAFE however will have this inbuilt and then the question would become, how many currecnies do you need if they are all private and secure.

This is not so simple, SAFE for instance requires the currency to operate and I can imagine other systems doing likewise, such as self-owned cars and robots etc. The we have a larger question of how to programmatically transfer between such coins. I am not sure anyone has those answers just yet.

[EDIT Here is a decent write up on why ASIC resistance is likely futile ]


Good on you SanguisWolf, you are spreading the word throughout your generation by doing this and being so young, I commend you. I wish I could assist apart from wishing all the best dear boy, and hope you receive the relevant help. Good Luck! :star_struck::sunglasses:

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You might also like to get in touch with @Joseph_Meagher. Joseph is a very talented/brilliant young man of similar age to yourself that has made some great contributions to the project SAFE ecosystem. He gave a presentation at DevCon2018 that you can reference for more information.


It isn’t about “which app”, I don’t think. It has to do with the fact that the data stored on the network belongs to the individual by default, not the app. Facebook owns the data you put on their platform. A similar experinece on the SAFE Network will include being able to integrate the same data into the experience of different apps, potentially. People will be able to interface with each other socially without having to use the same app. If you wish to quit using Facebook you loose access to most of you data and connections. It doesn’t have to be that way using SAFE.

It is that sort of capability rather than a particular app or even type of app, that makes SAFE different, and thus have the greatest impact, whether it’s direct communication, social networking, website integration, decentralized exchanges. or whatever.

These capabilities should replace most of what’s available not. Servers will probably continue to be very useful for some applications, at least till decentralized computing arrives on SAFE, but their use will be moderated by the features of the SAFE Network.

a. Worldwide cataclysm
b. MaidSafe the company and community being unable to overcome the last research hurdle(s) to implementation. (no chance of this as far as I’m concerned. A lot of the team is Scottish in fact and most of the rest are Scottish in spirit, afterall. FREEDOM!!!)

This is a really tough one. I’m sure that many things will survive and go forward outside of SAFE’s direct sphere. Bitcoin is a pretty slick deal, but the power consumption factor is somewhat alarming to me. I’m impressed with what a lot of other projects are doing and we’ll see what shakes out. Note that it’s not “what shakes out in the end” as there is no end to the shakeout. There will aways be frontiers to make things better evolved.


Not sure I groked this part, please shout if you wish a different angle from any posted so far.

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Thank you all for your responses. I am very appreciative of all of your support in this endeavor. It is extremely fun to be able to a paper on something cutting-edge like the Safe net and even better to get direct responses from y’all. Best of luck to you guys and long live the Safe network.