Interventions for bi-polar disorder


Regression therapy…

This lithium is just to stop your friend from being awkward all the time; but it doesn’t address the root cause - some kind of trauma, somwhere, at some time - you can find out about it, just start asking questions. If you even care about it.

You might not like what you find out - might be creepy and weird lol;

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Oh yeah…that’s just what he wants…some alternative therapy pseudo science bollocks…that’ll sort him out. Here’s what Lithium actually does and what it’s used for - no mention of awkwardness. If however you do feel a bit awkward now, then give it a bash.



Assuredly the lithium treatment will solve all but nothing because it addresses superficially chemistry even the scientists have no idea how it works… read the article yourself too;
During this whole duration of time, with enough sessions as the acting duration of lithium intake your pal will be chipper consistently again; if only he could trust you in the first place to talk out what bothers him subconsciously.

Though I wouldn’t trust just anyone if I needed something like this either; so I take it back, don’t help your friend at all. you might scramble things up even more.


oh sorry you probably googled regression therapy and found past life stuff;

that must have been so awkward… this stuff is really meant for, since birth if things happened like… burned your hand on the stove as a little child, and then you grew up to be an adult who can not cook for oneself… well if we went to that moment replayed it in your mind exactly, and then someone reminded your child self that you are now an adult and that you are dexterous and mature. You know how to keep yourself from burning your hand on the stove… you’ll realize after such an event of regression therapy that you will find yourself around a stove cooking up delicacies infinite times more; and enjoy it.

just an example…


No, I know, I was poking you…lol. True it’s not just the chemistry and it is a blunt tool, more to do with the wiring I reckon too - I just posted an article earlier about just this thing.
Regression Therapy really is nonsense though…seriously
Oi, you just changed your post and yes I thought that’s what you meant…lol
How does this work then? Nevermind, I’ll google it…
yeah, I still think it’s nonsense really…whatever it is, it’s still based on Hypnotherapy, which isn’t really proven to work…well indistinguishable from placebo effect. I can attest to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which addresses ailments such as anxiety and also covers all the things claimed to be helped by Hypnotherapy. It also has Scientific explanations for it’s efficacy without all the brain wavy mumbo jumbo really.
In any case, neither of these things would help my friend, nor claim to I don’t think - its not for treating Manic Depressives for certain…lol
Come clean…you meant CBT in the first place didn’t you? lol…how awkward


Yes. the point I am making though, is that Manic Depression is an illness, rather than a psychiatric disorder. It is caused at the Genetic level- no amount of Psychiatric intervention is going to change his genes - like I said it is to do with neuro chemistry and how the brain is wired (possiby).
I understand and agree with all your points in regard to where it is applicable - just not applicable here unfortunately.
Shall I see you in the playground sometime…lol


Did I ever tell you I am a qualified counsellor? :wink: