Internet's largest illegal marketplace has been taken down, U.S. officials say

Yea right, that is until they pop up elsewhere. And who is to say there are not already many more running that they don’t even know about.


Syscoin will be soon coming out with their Blockmarket.

Yeah, it makes no difference, Dream and Hansa just absorbed all the users and sellers from Alpha. They caused 10 minutes of inconvenience to everyone in setting up a new account at a new market. Huge waste of tax payer’s money. Using our money to inconvenience us in a doomed attempt to control us. Yay, thanks big brother. :unamused:

The Feds tooke down Alphabay, one of the most used Darknet Market over Tor, They didn’t(yet ?) reveal anything about their investigation…

There’s no doubt that, when Safenet is up and running, it will be widely used to host illegal marketplace, And the way(I think) that safenet is designed is this gonna be impossible to take down those market ?
There was some weakness with Tor, but with safenet, if Maidsafe release what they promise, Safenet will be the darknet market paradise, with even a fully anonymous currency ?

So no more trouble running a dark market anymore ? Founders safe ?

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Law Enforcement may indeed have difficulty taking down the marketplaces themselves. However, that was sort of cheating anyway. Instead of arresting the actual dealers, they just took down the marketplace, and the dealers and buyers moved on to a new marketplace in a few minutes. What was the point, aside from PR, of taking down the marketplace itself?

If Law Enforcement wants to stop illegal activity, it needs to stop those who are engaging in it, not some website they use to communicate. In the case of drug sales, there is a physical product that transits across borders. That should provide ample opportunity for law enforcement to find and catch drug merchants without shutting down a website.

In the case of drugs, it’s better not to make them illegal in the first place (but treat their use as a health issue). But obviously that’s just one, very large, element of dark markets!