Internet Surrendered to the United Nations


That is a good guess, but IP address allocation is unrelated to top level DNS names. IP addresses enable routing between devices with said addresses, where as DNS is about resolving names to IP addresses.


Ipv6 is the solution to this problem though. There is a massive address space available in comparison to ipv4.


Oh, I got it. Then would the imbalance not have to do with the fact that the internet was first implemented and massively exploited in the US? If Ipv6 were in from the start, I’ll wager the pie would be at least a bit more balanced.


As other countries have gotten blocks split out for them (it was not always split like this) it should have continued as the balance changed. And this is my criticism, instead of being fair, the US has considerably favored their own team.

Since mainly hackers/techies and startups are affected by the unfairness there has been no real political will to change it yet, hopefully it comes as a natural effect now when the control should go to impartial hands.


I understand. But “impartial” is the real question. No such thing in the direction it is moving.