Internet protocol difinity, what means to maid?

What means this message to maid if something? Thanks

TLDR: Maidsafe is akin to Satoshi and bitcoin and Dfinity is akin to Central banks and CBDC’s.

I don’t know how their tech currently works or is planned to work. I did read, maybe a year ago, that they were going to require custom approved hardware (backdoor tracking possibilities).

Most importantly to me is the fact that they have an association with the WEF (World Economic Forum). And that IMO means ZERO trust in their team or their products.

Given what I’ve read and believe, I think they are building a system of control, tracking, monitoring for web x.0 (insert whatever number for ‘x’ that best markets to you the latest in cutting edge internet tech). So, i.e.: People doing anything the WEF globalists consider ‘wrong’ will be locked out and lose any investments.