Internet Freedom Festival recap

I wrote this blog post about my time spent at the Internet Freedom Festival last week.

A few things I wanted to mention outside of the blog for the community, though… cheers to @sprks for joining from Barcelona. I had a great time meeting him and he definitely was of great assistance in talking to attendees about SAFE. There were a ton of people (around 800 throughout the week)… way too many for me to talk to by myself. I hope next year more from MaidSafe can join me… definitely right up @dirvine’s alley.

I also wanted to reiterate the overall point of the blog post: that developing Internet freedom technologies requires a global effort with localized strategies. SAFE has a lot to overcome (like any global technology) if we want to get this in the hands of people worldwide and this task is frankly too large for a core team/small community to take on simply due to lack of perspective and understanding of regional specificity (even though we are quite diverse already). As the line between core developers and the community continues to blur, we would really benefit from the community expanding beyond mainstream western cultures especially in these testing phases. It’s great to see Budapest and Argentina based SAFE meetups already and I really look forward to seeing where new ones pop up in the near future and to learn how we can best support each other! So no concrete point to this other than to rally for diversity. :slight_smile: It’d be interesting to hear your ideas to achieve this more fluidly/efficiently!

Next up: LibrePlanet 2016. Hope to see you there!


This is exciting! I would be interested in viewing a stream of the conference. Thanks for the update.


Ah, I guess I didn’t make it completely clear in the blog post but there was absolutely no photography, recording or live streaming due to potential threats certain individuals attending were faced with coming from oppressive countries, for example. It’s definitely a bummer in terms of spreading the information shared there, but a lot of the sessions had notes taken of which are published on the wiki:


Doing great work! Keep it up Ms Paige!