Internationalized Domain Names; Will SAFE Network URL's support Unicode?

Currently even the most Chinese site still requires latin characters for their URLs.
I assume the Chinese people not being too happy about that.

Will Maidsafe put an end to that?


We talked about this in the past and there are attack vectors


Can’t the SAFE Network guarantee you end up at ‘your favourite’>‘most popular’>‘unless explicity chosen otherwise’ site by default?

That would be a nice feature, because such attacks also often use typos.

How would you implement that? How do you know that if the user typed in “foô” he actually wanted to type “foó”?. Also you would favour big sites over smaller one.

But at least you can see those.

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Might one answer be to simply note the Unicode block that the characters are using?.. by default expecting that all characters in a domain name are the same block. Mixed use then perhaps not allowed. Some blocks don’t make sense, like dingbats that have too many similar characters already. CJK’s so large it’s hard to know if that is obvious to someone familiar with those.

Another perhaps would be a make-distinct indicator contrived from the sum of character codes - a coloured symbol that is distinct from similar looking domain names.


I was thinking of that as well right after reading urrtag’s post.
It’s a good idea.

SAFE Network servers would then have to have info about the popularity of a site and category, besides only holding domain names and IP addresses.
If foô’s category is not unknown or dangerous you simply go there.
If foô’s category is dangerous, you’ll be warned that the site is known as unsafe.
If foô’s category is unkown and there’s a popular site out there that is, you’ll be asked if you meant the popular site.

Only if they’re unknown.

How about highlighting letters in the browser address bar that are not in the normal set with colours.


Maybe a colour assigned per language set?

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which servers ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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What are they called instead, nodes?
Computers dedicated to uphold the SAFE network?

I think it’s necessary to know whether you find yourself on a site that tries to infiltrate your computer with malicious code before reaching the site.

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I thought that SAFE network simply let the app hash the domain name to whatever id it wanted and go from there. It would be app dependent.

Your right, for instance our wallet app uses the publicID also as public address to receive tokens. If your pubID is your wallet address, I can just send you a token without asking you through email or whatever (laziness)… It also cut costs…

A publicID can be a domain name, email address, wallet address and even telephone # depending on the app. Just different apps using one publicID, I haven’t look if it could also be a coin (probably can, unless Maidsafe disables transferring pubIDs…).


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