Interesting video,

I think we need to tell her about safe network.


I think the youtube channel numberphile should visit the Maidsafe offices and do a video on group consensus and might be pushing it if I said also a video on datachains? Maybe the computerphile channel?
Would be a great opportunity to reach open minds of the channel subscribers.


@SarahPentland any thoughts on contacting the computerphile guys and having them visit the maid offices and doing a video and covering the maid algorithms?

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Fantastic idea. I will reach out to them now and let you know how I get on


:slight_smile: Great to hear.

That video is quite current, top of their facebook page at the moment.

It feels so natural for that channel to move on to a couple of videos about the SAFENetwork after analyzing scaling issues with block chain technology.

I think @dirvine and @nicklambert would look great as guests on the Computerphile channel, opportunity to show of the shiny new office too. :wink:

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Tha’s great Zoki! Good opportunity to raise awareness and the right audience to target. 23K lies is always good to be approached :wink:

The youtube channel has 930,000 subscribers.
The facebook page has 23,000 subscribers.

It is exactly the audience that’s needed at the moment, they would understand it.

I think its great content for the channel, also would be just amazing exposure for the SAFENetwork technology.

Edit: Might have to donate some MAIDs to the channel owner,, to sweeten the deal. LOL.