Interesting interview with Stuart Hammeroff on Orch OR

I like this stuff because I think in the past so much of science especially human definitional stuff has been the result of promoting people who wold be pawns ideologically for a backwards economic world view and hence a backwards view of humanity. Although personally I think the physical universe is the epiphenomenon and the OR Orch model hardly scratches the surfaces its possibly the beginning of a testable models that will show the majority in bio-science don’t even have a flat earth worldview and with that massive status haircut we can get on to more disruptive science. So again, I think the former world view put forth on the nature of a human being and implicitly the value of a human life weren’t so much put forth to get rid of superstition as an instrument of abuse but both consciously and subconsciously and by deliberate intent were put forward to allow people be objectified and abused by backwards and unnecessary power structures. Definitional peasants etc.