Interesting argument in favor of darknet economy such as Silk Road


Useful points for those who see the “evil” of allowing anonymous markets, and attack MaidSafe for facilitating them.

Interesting argument in favor of darknet economy:

  • purer safer drugs

  • violent drug gangs bypassed - reduced crime and injury

Washington Post:


Plus the USPS needs something to keep it in business… :wink:

I am guessing this will be good for OpenBazaar… Each round of government intervention will bring yet another more venomous and resistant strain of decentralization…

Rumor is that although this kid may have been a rocket scientist, it didn’t really show in his security measures.


Prohibition always leads to organised crime and less freedom for individuals. Unfortunately, there are too many megalomaniacs determined to control everyone’s behaviour.


Thousands of drug buyers have been pushed off the internet and back on to the streets.

Let me add, the top darkmarkets on tor have not been siezed; agora and evolution. Openbazzar will end all this.


I read something funny on Gizmodo… How are the FBI going to stop an Silkroad written by an AI like ( hosted on an decentralized internet? That sound more like Ghost In The Shell to me…



Like the post above yours said, Open Bazaar is going to be the end of these silly displays of force.

The FBI closed SR, then SR1 opened, now they closed that, now Agora is prospering.
It’s a Keynesian wet dream for statist thugs and public sector labor unions, nothing else.

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I think there are several categories of darknet economy though. Drugs is very different to contract killing and contract child abuse and torture as an example.

Most people probably could live with drugs legalisation despite personal objections to it. I certainly for one wouldn’t much care for a world with legalised contract child kidnap and torture and contract murder, though I totally accept it is hard to stop humans buying whatever they want in an anonymised marketplace.

Interestingly, if they legalise those large majority parts of the darknet such as drugs, the much smaller minority parts remaining make it much easier to ban darknets altogether.



And some people don’t have any confidence in OB to solve any problems. Real solution may await approaches like ProjectSAFE.


They both can coexist and prosper. It seems that no matter how many flavors of open source licenses exist, people always can find a reason to argue.
No wonder there’s the WTFPL license ( - warning: potentially offensive language)


I was very surprised a source like washington post is this aware of the reality we live in. It really seems like even the mainstream is starting to get the point certain groups have been advocating for for decades.