Interested to see how this plays out? Apple refuses FBI request

Letter to Apple’s customers explaining why encryption is so important.


“But now the U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.”

I guess there are still some good corporations in the world today. I thought that all the big ones like Apple was compromised already.


I was pretty surprised they actually refused. It makes me hate Apple just a bit less!


Why “hate” Apple, company that gives consumers what they want? Fortunately we have choice in this area, so no need for “hate”, just choose your preferred alternative.


Hate may be a strong word but their greed is terrible. Their stuff is way overpriced, produced by grossly underpaid factory slaves in China who jump to their deaths cuz the working conditions are so deplorable, and Apple is just like shrug “More money for us!” I’m sure I could think of other things but I have like two mins before I leave work. ;p

One could say the factory conditions aren’t directly their fault, but if they actually cared they would enforce in some way better conditions upon the factory owners or tell them they’ll find another place to get their stuff produced.


That’s what they want you to think though… it’s all about PR.

I call BULLSHIT on Apple’s ‘letter’ to their customers.

Apple has royally screwed up in this area before, they have let the dust settle, let the sheeple forget and now with privacy being the new buzzword they are trying to spin the f**k out of this for their own benefit and Apple are one of the best at PR.

You really think Apple gives a shit about our privacy? I don’t think so.

This is all one big PR stunt, even if they cave or this shit gets dragged through the courts for years it wont matter because they would have won some great PR karma with the walking dead populace.

The fact of the matter is that Apple is just as snoopy and just as terrible at privacy as anyone else. It’s almost like having to choose between two evils. While I agree with less people having access to my data it’s a completely engineered argument and it’s flawed in favour of Apple.

Apple has 80K employees in various different countries. Each country governed by different privacy and security laws. So forget about the FBI for a second because we already have 80K people who potentially have access to your data, spread across different countries, I have no idea who these people are, whether or not they have access to my data so i’ll just assume they all do, what they do with my data, who outside of Apple they give my data to, what those people do with it and so on.

If I have my choice and I do, I don’t want neither of them having access to any of my personal or private data unless I choose to give them access.

Fk Apple and Fk the FBI, they can kiss my ass.


Agreed! Especially the last line. :wink:

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The FBI in particular seems to think it can force people to snitch on other people and force people to do its work for it.

I hate this and I know I am not alone.

You don’t agree with a police state but you are made to help support and enable it. We need you to convert your phone product against your will and in front of all your customers to pure spyware. We want you to understand that our having our way with you here will make it easier for us to bend you over next time because you belong to us now, you’re our little captive piece of property to make demands on as we see fit. This is all for the protection of you and your customers. You’re going to have to start designing your products and services around our agenda. There is no running.

As for the rights angle, well corporations don’t have any rights but governments don’t either. Rights are for actual people. But any person that worked at Apple and was forced to work on this- well that is surely a violation of their human rights, and their self determination. All they’re left with is civil disobedience.

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