Intel Inside type sticker? Or image for the SAFENet


I think it would be great to have a standard set of

“Powered by SAFEnetwork”
“SAFEnet inside”

art work for developers, I would proudly have that logo display somewhere on an app.


How about one to sick on the outside of ones computer or laptop


Once safedrive is up and running with plugins for Windows, apple and linux it would be ideal to have such a sticker on a machine.


How about a “SAFENet Ready” sticker, it’s technically true. All computers are ready to farm and connect once the software is released.


text3067 Like this?



Maybe start with ‘Not SAFE inside’-stickers. More potential for these in the upcoming years. :slight_smile:


I was actually thinking of Vaults and nodes. Not so much the client or mounted safedrive.