Intel chips known to be compromised by [lack of, or intended] design

Here’s the article by ZeroHedge. Keep in mind they do like to fear monger. Case in point, quoting an NYTimes analyst…

not an Intel problem but an entire chipmaker design problem that affects virtually all processors on the market…

All the more reason for needing the SAFE Network live and post-BETA! Keep up the great work, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for sooner than later.

I believe this chip security “hole” could theoretically allow a third party to keylog when a user is accessing a SAFE Network client locally, but this is my theory and interpretation. If true, the SAFE Network would still be the most secure solution from a PC/home desktop machine perspective.

Yes it’s scary. Hurry up. We need the SAFE Network live and post-BETA!

Take a look at this video.