Instructions of setup local network manually


Please be noted, the following instruction only tested under Linux by far, and using various task branch of projects
(those branch will all be merged into next shortly. Once the merge is done, an update will be given)

1, Generate Key File  (/tmp/key_directory.dat)
    ./vault_key_helper -c -n 80
2, Bootstrap
    ./vault_key_helper -b
3, Start up first two vaults (endpoint of peer obtained from previous Bootstrap)
    ./vault --peer --identity_index 2
    ./vault --identity_index 3
4, Terminate previous Bootstrap, using ctrl+C
5, Start up all the other vaults, by using a shell script (remember to modify the path)
    (basically it just repeatedly running ‘./vault –identity_index I’)

Actual state of the project? What can I do?

All the required branches have been merged to next and master. So above steps can be used to setup a local Vault network.