Installing SAFE on a Mac

Hi. I’m trying to install SAFE on a Mac.

I searched for the topic and didn’t find anything. So I’m making a post.

I downloaded the zip file and unzipped it, and tried to executed safe-browser; I first got that it couldn’t be done and needed to be done with the control button, so I did:

"Last login: Thu Sep 6 20:39:56 on ttys000
Johns-iMac:~ sean$ /Users/sean/Downloads/safe-browser-v0.10.2-linux-x64/safe-browser ; exit;
-bash: /Users/sean/Downloads/safe-browser-v0.10.2-linux-x64/safe-browser: cannot execute binary file
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

[Process completed]"

I have experience with using Windows, and with a Mac I’m a total novice.
Direction/Help with some of the obvious basics would be very appreciated.

What information do I need to provide that I haven’t, if any? I’m not sure.

Thank you for reading this.

Hi @anarchovegan

I can’t tell how to install on a mac, but it’s best to use the Peruse browser


Hi @anarchovegan,

You don’t really need to “install” anything. I use a MacBook myself.

All you need to do is, as “Macho Man” EddyJohn has suggested, download the browser and run it.
I’d suggest downloading the OSX version and running that.