Installation script bombs out

Hi - new user here, just tried out the install script and got this error:

./ 65: [[: not found.

Also you have a typo at line 46 - should read ‘network settings’



Hi - can you explain what you’re trying to do exactly? Which script are you using?

exactly which script are you using please?

If it is from don’t run it as root, run as a normal user and type in the root password when asked

Tried both ways - same error.

BTW I’m on Debian 11/Bullseye - but looking at the script it shouldn’t make any difference unless I were on a Debian system on a non-sudo account.

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I’m not sure exactly, but that kind of error may mean you’re trying to run a bash script through sh, which is an older shell that won’t completely understand Bash syntax like the double braces.


ah yes @neik mentioned a similar error in a PM to me and sh was involved

Not you @Forester, another Nei*

thanks - echo “$SHELL” gives /bin/bash

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Changed script to executable - worked fine.

New issue - vdash command not found - will start a new topic…



Running the install script [767a958] I got the error
line 273: vdash: command not found

This followed the line

Now cofiguring vdash from @happybeing

       press 'q' to quit vdash     --- this will not interfere with your node ---


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OK I’m looking at that now

Please post the output of rustc -V

OK please everyone git pull

There was a stupid error that I have just fixed

Probably not picked up earlier cos most folk have curl rust and vdash already installed


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