Installation is a nightmare for normal users


I understand GemiG and other’s with same position.Just i can say be patient with browser. A part of browser user and commentary on forum come from programmer or geek and the beta version is for test actually. Programmer & geek & other’s can test it and share its own experience between member’s and devs. This is great community and each can participate some have technical approach others can speak to maidsafe on the social network and we grow up…


ok… so I’m sort of a normal person… except that I practiced law for 35 years (now retired) and there’s nothing normal about that… but anyway, since my coding skills are non-existent in that context I suppose I could be considered “normal.”

So, I seem to have been able to set up the browser with a secret and a password… but I notice that the browser can not be used for any but a safe// domain. The safe browser is not designed to browse the “normal” internet… correct? So the only place to use the safe browser is to go to safe networks sites??? Yes?

If that’s correct, and maybe I’m doing it wrong, but if that’s correct, is there a list of “Safe” friendly sites somewhere…?

And how would one go about using the apps which I see discussed but have no idea how to access or download or launch…

So, for me, the whole SAFE thing is nightmarish because I find it completely inaccessible. I hate to offer myself up as a standard operating dunce but there you have it.

Similarly, I tried to use the safe email but the only test that worked was sending an email to my own safe email address. More nightmares.

Can I assume that at some point in future development the Safe browser will be able to access the Internet 1.0? Or will it always be usable with only Safe specific sites?

Same question with the email program… will it at some point be able to send email to the outside world or will it only be usable with safe specific addresses?

I apologize for my current state of technical retardation but at the age of 70 that is unlikely to change. Nevertheless, I current own 4 digits worth of maidsafecoin and look forward to a total collapse of the price so that I can accumulate more. So, that being the case, I would like to figure out how to use the network but perhaps i will have to wait until it is fully functional and usable by those of us who are “normal.”


Yes that’s correct. Plugins are possible to allow that but the consensus is that would represent a security vulnerability.

The apps are web apps (see above) or can be downloaded from GitHub.

Only safe-specific addresses.

Bear in mind this software is at an early stage - it’s certainly not ready for general use yet. The email app etc are just prototypes, intended for developers to build on.

Hah! No need - we’re all in that same boat to a greater or lesser extent, just some of us have been here a bit longer! Any questions just ask :smile:


It is a design decision made by maidsafe. Nothing prevents a browser being developed to do both or a plugin for an existing browser.

In short, there is a focus on security. Fire walling SAFENetwork from the existing internet ensures security.


There really isn’t any reason to. Example : My first hard drive was ~176MB HDD/IDE on a 486. Do I still try to interface with it from my i7 w/500GB SSD? No. (well, maybe once for nostalgia)

As technology evolves we typically just copy the important data to the more secure or better performing medium/system and never look back. At some point having an easy way to look back might become important for a few specialists, kind of like studying cave paintings I suppose. But the current firefox or chome release is more than capable to handle those rare analogous situations. :wink:


Ok, fine. I’ll use Brave or Firefox (reluctantly), but certainly not Chrome or Safari, surveillance averse as I am… but… There certainly is a lot out there.

I’ve only recently discovered “Medium.” Same with Hackernoon. Same with many sites yet to be discovered by me that have been invaluable to educate me about crypto currencies and tokens, not to mention Maidsafe itself.

And there’s the several billion or so sites on Internet 1.0 I’ve yet to visit or investigate that are devoted to Literature, the I Ching, Buddhism, Finance, Economics, the Law, etc. etc. etc. Obviously I could go on for some time. So it’s not really like the nostalgia you have for an old hard drive… is it? But I take your point. It’s just that to build the entire Internet 1.0 up again from scratch is not really in the cards, so I guess the Safe Network is not designed to replace but rather augment. I’m only just understanding that.

The idea is that you have a browser for old internet and a browser for SAFENetwork. The latter is secure and the former may not be.

I am sure there will be a hybrid browser sooner or later, but security and privacy is central to Maidsafe’s heart! :slight_smile:

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True. Same here.

Yes it is. The important things that you would want to study will end up migrating to the new medium, just like how I copied/migrated all my old school projects and papers I had written from the 176MB HDD to the later disks. You can tell what is important because the current managers/owners of that data want to keep it, well, safe. So they will make them and services available for you in the same way that they do now, only safer.

Are you sure about that? :cowboy_hat_face:

The concept of a complete internet replacement / upgrade is hard for people to come to terms with due to the magnitude of what is involved, but MaidSafe’s Alpha 2 has already proven a lot. It’s a complex system so you essentially need to be a “complexity engineer” to be able to see a way through it, which is the biomimetic/economic design approach I understand dirvine/MaidSafe to have taken. Complexity is not the same as complicatedness. Granted, there is still the issue of the existing centralized hardware/infrastructure but that can be addressed in time. SAFE will utilize the existing infrastructure at launch as it is only logical to start with software and move to infrastructure upgrades later in a tick tock fashion. The data and web-services transition takes time after the network officially launches, but I guestimate it will be an exponential growth type process. Eventually you hit the inflection point and everyone is just talking about “the safenet” :bulb: like they do “the internet” now. Maybe some just keep calling it “the internet” and don’t really notice the change except for a fancy new browser, or a unified “login” when they start that new browser.

This is all hypothesis/conjecture on my part, but it’s how I see it now based on what material I’ve read and understand… but I’ll always reserve the right as a single brain out here in cyberspace to change my mind when presented with new information. :sweat_smile:

This may ease the transition for some people, so you’re right that it will probably happen. I guess the point I was trying to make is that it is redundant/unnecessary and there is no need for MaidSafe to worry about implementing one. Two separate specialized browsers are better anyhow, and a lot of folks are already accustomed to having more than one browser, even if they prefer one over the other. User education would be a lot more productive than building a hybrid. The educational aspect of increasing online safety and data security needs to go hand in hand with new user adoption for a variety of other reasons anyway, such as “don’t use a proprietary closed source operating system if you value your data security since it can’t be audited for bugs and malware”.


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What did I miss ? :frowning: