Inquiry about Test 12

It will be interesting to hear more news about why the vault test failed so miserably. I am sure there is some info already. It was obviously not the plan that the test would be aborted in just a couple of days. Something did go very wrong indeed.

I for one was a bit late and did start my vault on february 3. I experienced a few very odd things, and while I am not sure, I am wondering if the net of vaults was someway attacked. Has anyone else this feeling or has heard something about that?

In any event this vault test seem to have been just a few steps short of a disaster and we need to dicuss this fact.

erm eh?

24 hours ago -

Maybe you need to keep on track of what is supposed to be happening or ask someone rather than making assumptions and going off half-cocked?

Your post feels weirdly aggressive considering the “facts


This was a test. Results are now being analysed to improve the test so that it can function more fully, and after some more tests, Alpha 2 will be ready.

So, this is just a test that is a run up to a new Alpha network, and a first run of laods of new code due to a huge re-writing of big sections of the network… perhaps your expectations are a bit high for the stage the network is at!

If when a Beta network is launched and it malfunctions within a day, it would be closer to a disaster.


sorry bro but this is not what happened Oo

people were able to run vaults working with the new concept from their homes behind routers =)
the bandwidth-test-concept is working
great test i’d say with beautiful results =)

something somewhere escalated after a while … but finding such things was the purpose of this test … so 100% success :slight_smile:



The point of tests is to try changes out, gather data and when you have work out what comes next. If every test just worked, it would be miraculous.

Once they’ve analysed they will update us on what was found and what comes next.

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I am perfectly aware about software development. And I read the message about stopping the test run. Even so, if noone else dare to say it I will. Something went very wrong and we cant pretend that it didn´t. Any news of what actually failed would be very intersting and I would like to hear if anyone has ideas on that subject. I myself am wondering if the net was acutally atacked, perhaps someone edited the vault code and found a way to destroy the test. I have a feeling that might be it.

I hade a strange occurance of getting Ricked. And while it may be a joke from a developer even though I didnt find that in a brief look I took thorugh the source. Since I dont think my testmachine has any viruses I am having this suspiscion that the test was attacked.

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@moderators - Please consider changing the title of this thread.
Nothing failed about the test. It did what it was meant to do.
However the tactics of the spoilers is always to tell the big lie in the headlines, then wiggle out of it in the body of the text. It’s something we see day in, day out in Scotland wrt the constitutional question and our utterly subservient media,

Do not let this lie stand by allowing the topic to continue with this title. please

This time WE control the media, GIRUY


The Rick Roll was put in by Viv - see the Update topic where we all have a good laugh about it.

There’s no reason to think anything was hacked at this stage, though given the Rick I sympathise with your suspicions.

Everything normal. Now, who let Willie have extra haggis this morning… and get him away from the rugby for Rabbie’s sake!


btw - the vault network is still running

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Willie, if you use @moderators they get pinged. Mods, see Willie’s reply above.

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Impressive FUD! :sweat_smile:

Test went ahead, people used network, some bugs found. Seemed pretty successful to me!


Thank you @happybeing - I’ll try to remember that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clearing up the Rick. I did not expect that from the devs even though it did cross my mind that it could be a joke from them. I guess that noone did find a way to run altered vaults then, thats good.


I think we can all edit thread titles anyway can’t we? Past a certain trust level I think everyone can anyway. You can probably just remove the word ‘failed’ yourself @Southside. I don’t really care who FUDs, the short-term effects don’t matter and the long term takes care of itself imo. You’re probably right though, it feels like a lot of FUDsters trying to put a negative spin on a really positive few days of development.

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In the January 26 Dev Update:

Vaults from home (soon): TEST 12 will be a short-lived test network. The purpose is to test if the network works with vaults from home using the old (existing) client APIs. We do not expect data retention on this network but are very keen to prove the process of network measurement of nodes is concrete, albeit only the beginning.


For the record, what was the title before?

Something along the lines of “Test 12 failed February 2”.

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I just connected to the Test 12 network with the SAFE Launcher but had to add a bootstrap IP to safe_vault.crust.config in the folder the launcher is in.

IP - and Port - 5483

I also wanted to add, I connected with my account I created the day Test 12 started.

Thanks @nailonhead