Inquiries on the MaidSafe development

Hello! My name is Jinho from South Korea.

I have few questions on MaidSafe Network.

What are the main programming languages to develop applications of MadeSafe Network?

And how can I get some basic information about the network development?

Thank you


Welcome to the forum @Jinho_Jang

The SAFEnetwork software is being written in RUST

Applications are using APIs and will be able to be written in many languages including javascript (NODEJS)

There are weekly updates in the #development:updates subcategory and other development topics in the #development category


Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

It is my first time to meet the RUST language.

I have learned JAVA ,C++, Python a bit and it seems like Rust is very similar to those.

Thank you for your clarification again.

Let me go further on this prosperous network.


You don’t need to use Rust. Can developing using FFI or the next Java library.

Read this post


Thank you for your information :slight_smile:

This forum is so helpful and cooperative that I am getting useful knowledge.


How much faster would SAFE come if there were no resource limits on the project?

Really say access to 100000 of the best programmers and billions of dollars and all the resources at say IBM and the ability to repourpose with unlimited discretion… how much would it speed things up?

Maybe not much?

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best programmers and billions of dollars and all the resources at say IBM

lol, are you mr Warren…Buffet by any chance ? I was wondering if you happened to need a good private banker…you know…maybe it could speed things up a bit regarding your wealth and all :wink:


Sorry no I am not Warren Buffet.