Inquiries about Alpha2

Hi, my name is Jinho Jang who manages the MaidSafe Korea Facebook page ( and promotes MaidSafe in Korea.
Recently, I have gotten some inquiries about the Alpha 2 update from people that I could not explain well.
Therefore, I would like to get some more detailed information about those and explain it to the people.
The questions that I have gotten from them are listed below.

  1. I have heard that the Alpha2 update will release mobile applications. Can I get more explanation like how to use it and see a demo? Is it possible to use the mobile applications as the way I do in the desktop?

  2. Can I have simple explanation for the concept of group consensus? How are the 32 nodes that contain data pieces selected? How does the XOR algorithm work?

  3. Where can I find some information about MaidSafe developer teams and the core developers?

  4. What are the differences between Blockchain and Datachain?

Thank you for reading this post. Please give me some clarifications so as to satisfy their curiosity.


This is a good post, “The Documentation Topic” (below) it contains a concise list of links to documentation, for those that want to dive a bit deeper into the SAFE Network.

You can also look at last weeks developer update and try out the tech previews for mobile.

Hope these links answer some of your questions


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: It is so useful to learn deeper about the SAFE Network.


I am unsure that any mobile specific APPs will be available when alpha2 is announced. It has not be stated. Some people might develop mobile specific apps in the very near future though.

Of course many of the applications are using browser “apps” javascript and a lot of these should work on a mobile device, but they may not too. Try and see will be name of the game.

Yea read the links @John gave

Both are ledgers of sorts and there stops the similarities.

Block chain requires every node to hold a full copy of the blockchain and the chain is simply a store of small data elements which are interpreted as “forth” like scripts and from that we get addresses, balances, transactions etc.

Datachain is not a “forever chain” that is stored on every node. Only the amount needed for validating the data is kept. The chain is storing hashes etc to validating the data and flow of events for a section or group.


Some things may have changed since the writing of this, but this should be a good starting point.


I am really thank you for your sincere response. Now I could understand better thanks to your answer.