Initial content

Will there be a period in which we will be able to add content to the network free of charge in order to seed and maintain interest. This v1.0 zero day content abundance could help new users find reasons to continue their presence on the network and encourage social promotion. Apps are great but I don’t think we should release a content barren virtual world at launch.

IMHO a one or two week period should suffice. Music, video, document, image, game etc hosting aggregate site templates would help this period immensely. Allowing anyone to share an appealing and well organized collection of sortable files with a decent client user experience. Something intuitive with some drag and drop would be a hit. Imagine that. Not only is the new Internet unparalleled in security and freedom but also in its initial inclusiveness facilitated by the ease of site publishing with nested content.

Make it easy for users to feel a sustained presence in the network like planting a flag into the virtual soil and watch adoption grow at a rate similar if not greater than todays most popular technologies. Apple anyone? :wink:

If I remember correctly the idea was that during test SAFEcoin the network would be storing data using test coins (that is no cost) and at some stage the network is updated to live. The data stored prior to live remains and there maybe a period or not when new accounts are given an allocation of PUTs to start things off.

I guess then at a later stage an update will be pushed through that removes that free allocation of PUTs on new accounts.

But it has not been decided yet exactly how this network bootstrapping will happen. But the data prior to live is almost certainly going to remain when the network goes live.

When the data will remain across test/beta releases (data persistence) is unknown, but it is the plan to get that implemented