Infographic : Crypto-currencies that did better than 10x return by year, MAID makes the cut this year

Here’s my analysis of the top returning coins per given year. The minimum bar being achieving 10x or more and $10m market-cap. Only 7 coins managed it. MAID makes the cut with 12x this year. Woot woot! :slight_smile:

For those that are interested, I put the full methodology of the analysis on Steemit


NXT makes the list with a 10.5x for 2014. Props to @rand_om for pointing it out.


No NXT for 2014???

You’ll also need to add IOTA to this year shortly… otc trading at 40x in btc and 100x fiat atm. :grin:

Sure plenty of others like FCT and EXP should be included for this year too though no?

But… but… its not MAID - its maidsafecoin and its not really decentralised cloud storage and definately not computing (yet)… its a decentralised internet!!

other than that, interesting, thanks! :relaxed:

Nice catch! I just zoomed in on the data. NXT just makes it with a 10.5x for 2014

It would have made 47x for tail end of 2013 if the $10m rule was ignored.

Thanks, time to update the infographic.


One thing I still have trouble understanding is how price of maidsafe coins will grow if the amount released today is only a fraction of the total amount… which is 400 bilhoes coins … ?

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it’s gonna be release over time


the total amount is 4.3 billion coins, not 400 billions :stuck_out_tongue: see this FAQ question: How are safecoins distributed?


Very interesting stuff! Your metrics seem to be using the lowest price vs the highest prices of the currency though which is a measurement more akin to volatility than to actual returns. Technically if someone purchased at the lowest point and sold at the highest, their returns would be crazy, but ROI for annual returns is a bit more complicated to calculate It is really cool to see the data presented like this as well. Nice work!

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Given that privacy centred currencies are trendy , safecoin , being not blockchain
based and blazing fast , will beat them all out of the water . Farming all safecoins out
will take many years , unless the growth of the network goes heads over heels & crazy ,
and in that case we will reach also a lot of currency velocity and appreciation — all great :ant:


This is true, if we are talking investor returns the ROI expressed as % over a long term, I’d be using a different kind of method and infographic. Some of these returns came over a number of weeks.

For the purposes of this graphic, it’s the returns in the seat of a speculator.

On a side note: Speculation seems to be the killer app for all crypto-currencies so far, it’ll take a few years before real world benefits from this tech exceeds this early speculation use case.


Interesting that you don’t see any of the same names, year after year.

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I invested in 6 altcoins since 2013, and 5 of them are in that list. The one that isn’t (yet) is Tezos, but it will.

Not a bad track record.