Info about 21 inc?

I’m doing some research on various projects to invest my last couple euro’s into and I’m asking myself if somebody knows more about the 21 inc project ??

Rumors said Qualcomm and etc are in…

Factom looks cool also but I’m looking for info on 21

21 inc is a company and not a platform which you can invest in with a crowdsale for example. And if you’re able to invest in the old fashioned way in start-ups and companies I don’t think they need your money at this moment :slight_smile:


21inc is the company that will try to bring Bitcoin to the mass-market through the Internet of Things.

How will they do that ?

They have not public any details yet( I think they will produce device or chips that will be managed/conected through protocol on blockchain of bitcoin.

Thanks, that’s all I can find too.