Indiephone launching today


I can’t wait

Gary Sharma in WSJ from Oct on "Decentralized"

Did you donate to make it happen faster?

(I’m just asking… Although I like the idea I wouldn’t donate a cent to a for-profit like this unless it’s in exchange for equity).


No I did not donate and the main reason is because I saw that you can only pay through CC. Now payment through CC goes hand in hand with a 3% or more fee for the merchant. I can’t understand why they don’t offer other payment methods. Like Bitcoins… Companies who don’t look at small things like this, are DEAD to me and I’m not gonna suggest that they use Bitcoins. Because I’m tired of suggesting things to companies/people and get laughed at. I suggested Bitcoins to they laughed at me, 1,5 year later guess what, they now accept Bitcoins. If you’re not aware of how you can save money when you do a crowdfunding, you’re from another time.

That you’r not using Bitcoins due to it’s volatile nature, I’m ok with that. But you can use Bitpay and convert BTC to USD as soon as you receive them. is accepting Bitcoins, so I will become a founder of that, allthough they are creating another garden. It will be fun to experiment with their system. I just loved the idea of having your own data, in the indiephone scheme. But what the heck, I’m happy with my android phone, with Textsecure and Redphone on it.

And I absolutely agree with you when you talk equity.

$100000 * 3% CC fee = $3000 down the drain
That’s almost 8 Fairphones down the drain


Indie phone concept is awesome just funny donating to a for-profit. Otherwise 100% support.


Bitcoin without intermediate service can’t be used because the campaign must be able to return the money to the sender.


  • Bitpay: the current exchange rate of USD to BTC is $344
  • the current rate is $370

LOL, I’m impressed. Look ma, no commissions!


I’m gonna buy/support something else

They do offer equity, still 5 days to go