India's richest man offers free 4G to one billion people

@nicklambert ignore all that I’ve said before this is a company that Maidsafe should really get in contact with.

For just 25 Maidsafecoin/month (today’s price) these people could get 4G internet access. :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW if Jio’s hardware could come with the SAFE Network preinstalled.


They’re getting 21mbps in rural India, meanwhile in the US I’m getting a blazing 1mbps… this country is a JOKE when it comes to ISPs… I can’t wait for mesh!


Cant wait for mesh, considering you gotta build that shit yourself as a community :wink:


It’ll take time but it’ll be worth it!


we’ll just have to get back in touch with our local communities again, who we have to build them with. The technology is there, the sense of community required is far from there, sadly.

Barcelona/Catalunya has the currently biggest mesh network(?) in, 30k nodes. But here theres also a far bigger sense of community and political awareness than most other places ive been/lived.


In some places they’ve got that sense of community especially in rural areas. I grew up in a small town (1.5k population) like that. And even here (now in an 20k - 25k population) there’s a decent sense of community. It seems the larger the population the more the sense of community fades in favor of anonymity. I think it has something to do with the human ability to remember and maintain connections and empathize. You can’t empathize with someone you don’t know or can’t relate/connect with. Just living in the same city or geographical area isn’t enough, you need attach somewhat on an emotional level. You need to face the same struggles and hardships, overcome the same challenges, unite together to solve problems, talk and bond friendships on some level, stuff like that. That’s why charities show children’s pictures because people relate and empathize more to a visual image of a child, they relate more to stories, and therefore attatch and are willing to help. You don’t give money to random people even if they are in need, you give your money, time, attention, to people that are CONNECTED to you somehow. It’s about forming networks, some technological and some emotional and social.


You know ironically enough it’s the places with the greatest “community spirit” that need the mesh networking the most and could put that spirit to the most use. If you’re in a big city you’ve probably got the inferstructure for high speed interenet already in place so a mesh network probably wouldn’t be the biggest deal (well it would but for different reasons). But if you’re a tiny community setting up a mesh network could mean the difference between having internet and not having internet.

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Tanstafl nothing is free. It’s just a matter o efficiency and how something is paid for.