Incorrect info on coinmarketcap

Taken from coinmarketcap:

“MaidSafeCoin (SAFE) is the decentralized currency for the SAFE Network, a autonomous and decentralized data network that boasts extra hard disk space, processing power, and data connectivity for its users. The SAFE network is a sharing economy for digital resources, that seeks to “create a secure, autonomous, data-centric, peer-to-peer network as an alternative to the current server-centric model.” The network is comprised of two main users: “clients” who access the various features of the network, such as browsing, storing data, or transferring money, and “farmers” who look after the clients’ data until it’s needed, at which point they might receive a reward for their efforts.”

Just pointing out the incorrect info - it should read MAID, not SAFE (potentially quite important if someone uses this info and to purchase SAFE instead of MAID by accident).

As a side note, I’ve come across better/more recent explanations on (and elsewhere) which do a more succinct job of describing the over-arching principles and architecture of the project, and may be more suitable than what’s here.

I assume maidsafe has a direct email for CoinMarketCap so figured this would be good to post here instead of me trying to get their attention via twitter etc.


Anyone else notice the amount of projects that are associating themselves with the name SAFE coin? There is Allsafe(SAFE) , SafeCoin(SAFE) , and now recently joined cmc S4FE . IMO there is a malicious intent to deceive investors from investing into the one true MAID. As much as i want to be able to claim the SAFE ticker, it will be confusing for new and eager investors to have to choose between 4 different SAFE’s.

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Hi @Luke,

I contacted CoinMarketCap about the ticker problem and they’ve gotten back to me, see below…


Feb 25, 4:55 AM EST


Our support rep has indicated that your request has been resolved. Please note that it may take some time for the changes to be reflected on the website.

If you believe that the changes have not been reflected correctly after 24 hours, please reply to this email to notify the support team.

CoinMarketCap Support


Also it should mention MAID being a proxy for SAFE.