Incorporating Oyster protocol into SAFE web application?

After recently doing some research about the SAFE network and their options to help fund web applications, would it also be possible to incorporate the Oyster protocol to create an ad free web app while also earning funds through them?
If you’re unfamiliar, Oyster plans to create a JavaScript function to use a miner in the application instead of ads on a page.


It is really interesting what they have planned but can you tell us more details?

I haven’t looked into Oyster so I may be making some wrong assumptions, but… in general it is not possible to integrate SAFE with external systems without breaking the security model.

The simplest example would be connecting to the Web via https, but any external system would probably introduce similar risks.

On SAFE though, there is already a built in mechanism for people to earn using the system - the SAFE alternative to ads is farming


Oyster is really attempting to solve decentralized storage using CPU bandwidth of net browsers. The marketing hook is you don’t need ads on your site just include this javascript and you’ll be paid in PRL by all those visiting.

For my own clarification will popular SAFE network sites be compensated in SAFE coin based on their popularity? I guess I need a refresher on how farming, site and app creation is incentivized

Compensation for use of the website or compensation for the development of the website?

If the use then the farmers supply the chunks for the website and are compensated by farming rewards.

If the development then the PtD rewards will compensate the developer for development. There is also on the back burner the PtP rewards for the network to reward those who feed the network with more popular data (incl website data)

God I love this project… How is it that the SAFE network lives in such obscurity with a foundation of such potential. I’m just thankful I found it


One important reason is that it never seems to be finished, existing only as promises of what will one day be available.