Inarticulate/incorrect descriptions of what SAFE is or isn't and how to best to advertise

For me, Safe in the beginning will be a machine that prints money and produces Freedom, Security, Privacy. I personally plan to advertise it this way in the beginning :dragon:

You turning SAFE into a financial product. And then it will be regulated against.

It is not a money making machine by any means or purpose or goal


In the beginning, bitcoin was mine by everyone with a computer and it went quite far :wink:

Someone put data in the SAFE machine and you make money…

SAFE is not a crypto project and the comparison is invalid because the value is not in the coin itself.

It’d be like saying a hospital’s value is in the profit it makes


It is not, but it will be transferred to the coin, because only through it the value will be accessible. In the same way as the soil is not valuable in itself, but you need it to have wheat…

Doesn’t matter how you say it. It turns SAFE as a network providing services into a money making coin exercise and promising financial gains. Thus a securities by the very definition.

The hospitals receive money to provide service and makes money for the owners. (USA hospitals and private ones). BUT in no way does people consider the value of the hospital as a money maker. Except the money hungry owners perhaps.


In Bulgaria, hospitals are private companies that operate for profit. If they are at a loss, they go bankrupt and cease to exist. Less profit, less working hospitals, less doctors, more dead people. It’s not beautiful, but it’s the reality…

You have missed the whole point. I covered that in my post.

The value in hospitals is not the profit but healing.

Any consideration of the value being the profit is securities as noted by shares in the hospitals are regulated by securities agencies. So if you get everyone to believe that SAFE is a money making machine promising profits then you by definition make SAFE a security.

Even the securities see any tokens in a network (game or storage/communications) as not a security because the purpose of the network is for game or storage/communications and not profit. This is even in light that the owners may or may not make a profit and the owners are not promising profits for those who use the tokens


Rob, I can not do anything. This is a decentralized project. Reality exists. People have eyes and see reality. Whatever we say, Safecoin exists and it is printed out of nowhere. If that makes it security, then it’s security.

I’m trying to explain to you that I’m a person on the Internet. There are other people on the Internet. If a person on the Internet has the power to make people believe that SAFE is security, it doesn’t matter if I am that person.

This is the reason:

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Reality is that outsiders look at what people call the network. And therein is the problem with presenting it to all you talk to. Just pointing out that words mean a lot when authorities are examining the project to decide what it is

If you’re trying to tell me that the authorities can kill SAFE because it’s security, maybe it’s better to talk not about how to restrict my freedom of speech but how to protect SAFE from the authorities?

Because it doesn’t matter if it’s Security or not, if they want to kill it and they can they will say it’s Security even if it’s not and they’ll kill it. So can the authorities kill SAFE and how?

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We protect it the most by saying what it is and not misrepresenting it by claiming its a money making machine

And you bringing up the free speech means you know that its wrong to do that because this is not about free speech but truth


Let’s imagine that the reality is not fair and let’s play the game as if all the authorities will want to kill us. Can they and if they can how?

Trolls focus on the negatives…

Money is a dull topic and off topic… :thinking:

They will not if we present it for what it is. Lying about the purpose of the project will come back and bite you and us badly.

They will investigate if people take what you say and run with it saying that everywhere since one of the measures the securities agencies use is what the people out there are calling it. The reason being is that inside information is being given out they are not privy to and its not what the claimed purpose is (a communications and storage network)

But Trolls exist… Let’s imagine that I’m wrong about this and that the Vault is not a machine that prints money, so I stop spreading lies.

How can we stop a troll from lying? And if we can’t stop it, let’s go back to the main question, can the authorities stop the network if they decide it’s security because of a troll or because they’re looking for an excuse to stop it?

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We don’t need to imagine.
The focus is not money.

Enough with the circular tedious…

Should put all mention of money into #offtopic
The merit of considering ETH20 was not about money!


Why give the trolls something to troll about.

If you as someone heavily involved with the project lie about what it is then the trolls will go one further

If you are truthful then the trolls may never troll or not even go so far. THe point is the trolling will be a lot less than if you troll yourself


You convinced me, Rob. I will never mention again that the vault prints safecoins :dragon: