In US the gov is going to help us with our password problem


Looks like we in the US wont need maidsafe after all. Chadrick smiles sadly and rolls his eyes.

This CBS “propaganda” piece ends with a push for us to accept the idea that the government is going to give us “tools” that will solve our “password problems”.


Propaganda beliefs aside, it’s actually not a bad insight into the general public’s mindset of passwords. It took me months to convince my fiance that 2FA was a necessity. Finding an adoptable alternative system is going to be tough. Most people think I’m insane when I write down passphrases and seeds in a notebook I store in a safe, or create random alpha-numeric passwords.


People rely too much on authority. It’s weak. Be your own authority and don’t rely too much on the authority of others.

Going to the government ought to be the last resort.