In praise of cash

Safecoin is digital cash, but would tangible/embed-able/ printable safecoin be of benefit ?

A nice article on the ‘war on cash’

In praise of cash

Cash might be grungy, unfashionable and corruptible, but it is still a great public good, important for rich and poor alike

The cashless society – which more accurately should be called the bank-payments society – is often presented as an inevitability, an outcome of ‘natural progress’. This claim is either naïve or disingenuous. Any future cashless bank-payments society will be the outcome of a deliberate war on cash waged by an alliance of three elite groups with deep interests in seeing it emerge.


Hard to stop people copying notes. IMO, using paper/metal cash when you have good digital cash would be like using snail mail instead of IM. Different technologies for different generations.


There is nothing wrong with digital cash, unless it is controlled by a central authority.

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I like the idea of that…

I like cash. We’ve got hipster cafes here now that won’t accept cash and only take credit cards!!.. ridiculous and I’m surprised it’s possible… I thought cash as legal tender, couldn’t be refused… but try arguing with millennials and their jam jars :rolling_eyes:


Much insight and clearly written words in this paper, thank you for posting this and bringing this huge issue to consciousness of the many people who do not see why there would even be a problem :slight_smile:

There was that joke about books , where they were described as a revolutionary tech that allows to store text and images, display it, index it with direct access , with complete anonymity, privacy , and zero power consumption…

We could have the same joke about a revolutionnary currency, that can be used for any transaction , with guaranteed zero down time, total anonymity, untrackable transaction history, bug free, zero day free, complete offline storage with unbreakable air gap protection, ddos immune, fine grain divisibility, zero power consumption, worldwide coverage with a vast alt-coins ecosystem in every country of the world, deep penetration, trust level and adoption even in remote and wild areas, reliable in emergency situations even when the network is down or unreachable, massively scalable, forkable, all this with thousands years experience of the widest user base ever, thousands years documentation and bibliography, a vibrant community to meet and talk with in every country all over the world , AND you can buy a beer right here today at the corner of YOUR street with it.

Now, someone create a competing currency with digital stuff and I will start to believe in a cashless society :slight_smile: good luck pal

As for the OP question , I can imagine digital SafeCoins as a backing value for material , printed or metal safecoins. These would have some of the above mentionned benefits , that can not be achieved digitally today, I suppose ( bug free, air gap, no zero day, anonymous, zero power drain…)


How to buy hookers and drugs without cash? Cash as privacy.

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@chrisfostertv Cash in 20 years: Its a kind of smart surface printable paper with the functionality of a solar mesh phone. On both sides its a touch sensitive screen, foldable, its lifi solar, its open verifiable mesh hardware, contains printed battery, phone, camera- all the buzz words, meta material, quauntum phase change tech- nano whatever. But dirt cheap and everywhere. If you tear it, its programable gate array type structure allows it to attempt to reconfigure to retain some function. It runs SAFE vaults.

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or more generally, that which is a challenge to the norm. In a controlled environment, progress is more limited and slower - although I’d argue inevitable in any environment in the long run.

The perception that big government works, is a fallacy; the future is about empowering the individual - and with that education and responsibility. At odds with the conservative retrogressive inclination and the lazy answers that are tempted in response to perceived difficult problems.