In Defence of Free Speech

I thought this was an interesting article around Free Speech from yesterday

My own opinion is that although this is a vile group that are behind the ads, it’s important to defend their Freedom of Speech…Voltarian Principle and all that. It is also important not to confuse or conflate issues though or stray into hate speech, which I think the group (the AFDI) do.
Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with criticising Islam, (It is just an idea like any other, unless you believe certain ideas have a special privileged protection and are beyond criticism - in this case religious ideas).
Where the AFDI stray is by conflating “Islam” with “Muslims” -,when one is just an idea and the others are people, with rights and protections.
The AFDI give the game away though with:

"Its president, Pam Geller, defended the ads saying they were designed to put pressure on Muslim communities to root out extremists in the midst.

This also infers that the “Muslim Communities” are collectively and actively shielding extremists. Now I find this hard to believe - every Muslim would have to be practising “Taquiyya” for one thing. Another thing is, would it be OK to put pressure on the Christian Communities to root out Christian extremists - would every Christian be suspect in the same way?
It is a law and order issue, not a community’s responsibility - well apart from to inform the authorities of any wrongdoing they know of that may harm others.

Everyone should just stick to criticising ideas I reckon, not whole groups of people, (this is just hate speech), ironically if people did, they’d get to the root of the problem.
The problem here is the books, they can be interpreted any which way you want to support your own agenda really.

Edit:, In support of the last sentence:

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