Improving the Safe Launcher API documentation

I have been working at a rust library to communicate with the launcher -
So far I didn’t implement the dns part, but all the rest does work well now.

Lately I have been working on error handling , trying to find out the various communication errors possible.
I noticied that the status codes described in the API documentation are not exactly corresponding with what happens in real experiment :

For instance /nfs/directory POST returns 500 if the path is incorrect, and 202 for a succesfully created directory.
Trying to write to an inexistant file returns 404… etc etc . The documentation doesn’t show these codes.

The codes are all very meaningful during debugging, but I thought I would try to create an issue somewhere about this, so that ppl can base their work on the correct doc and save testing time.

There is also this story about isPublic/isShared sparse documentation .

My question is : where should I publish such issues ? I tried to find the relevant section in github, without success.


I added an issue at The also allows users to suggest edits. The lack of docs is a known thing. I too would like to know the repo where I can see the source of the docs. Unfortunately I fear they may be using the non-source-controlled markdown inside of

(personally, I hope the API changes enough where the documentation may change, e.g. localhost encryption, error handling, HTTP headers, etc)


Thank you for that - I just commented on it, the details differ but the idea is the same.

“The API calls for moving directories, modifying a directory
name/metadata, moving files, modifying a file name/metadata, deleting
DNS names, and deleting DNS services are not present.”

I still have work to do on that :slight_smile: guess for now I’ll have to dig into the launcher code to find these