Impervious API / Browser

Impervious: another blockchain platform, based on lightening network (via @David_MacGregor)

Impervious API: Your portal to the p2p internet

Impervious API is a programmatic layer that sits on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, i.e. “Layer 3.” Developers can leverage the Impervious API to easily build secure p2p data transmissions and payments into their applications and services.

1. Truly peer-to-peer (like the Internet was meant to be)

2. Censorship and surveillance resistant

3. Default encrypted

4. Payments built in

Ref: Website

Overview: Impervious Browser: Functionality Overview

The Impervious Browser will be publicly released April 7th, during the Bitcoin 2022 Conference, in Miami.

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What’s your thoughts on it @happybeing ?

None yet. Sounds interesting but I don’t tend to dig into things based on announcements. I’d be interested if anyone else does though.

Fair enough. So there’s no white paper or some technical details?

I haven’t looked.

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We’ll know more in another three weeks when it launches at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami on April 6-9.

I’m personally very keen to get my hands on it, to see if it lives up to expectations.

I just got around to checking the status of this and, not surprisingly it didn’t make it’s “public release”. You can though request access which I’ve done.

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I’d created another thread for this video before - I guess I forgot this older thread existed … will just repost it again here for people interested:

My thoughts on it so far as I can see … it’s nice as a multi-functional peer to peer app. But seems it would be limited to what the devs put into it as it’s not really a platform for apps like SN - wherein anyone can create apps/websites for it.

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