Imperfect political systems

A thinly veiled plea to just let the banksters get on with it.

This film produced by the Wachowskis would never have been made unless financial approval for its production had been granted by the same people behind the “Deep State” that it purports to rail against.

Once more the “libertarians” are the puppets and this ZeroHedge crap is simply yet another well-financed “rebel” tale we are all supposed to believe.

Oh and another point…

Why the hell should the rest of the world be expected to live by principles set out by a bunch of 18th century slave-owning genocidal malcontents - even if a substantial number of them were of Scots/Irish descent? Yankee hegemonism in action yet again, being hi-jacked and used as an emotional plea by those behind the bankers and media cartels.

To hell with your US Constitution in whatever form of “purity” you choose. Of ZERO relevance to 97% of the people on this planet. Once again the exceptionalism and myopia of the USAnians on show.

Any insights on how the Tibentens are enjoying the wounder of colonisation?

Or is that the good kind?

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I think you mean Tibetans…

Carry on with the “whataboutery” - it is the most pathetic of rebuttals…

Address the main points, please

As for the Tibetans, the Uiyghurs and whatever $OPPRESSED_GROUP_OF_THE_DAY_THAT_WE_WILL_PRETEND_TO_CARE_ABOUT , no system is perfect by any means but some are a damn sight less imperfect than others.

Nice de-railing attempt, though…

“Great system you got there!”

“Oh thanks!”

“But what’s with all these people in cages with missing organs?”

“Well, it’s not perfect

< < Ducks > >


What about the substantial number of the black population caged in the US - woith or without organs or hope?

"Well its not perfect but it IS “democracy”

Two can play that game Jim - and once again you try to deflect and derail instead of addressing the substantive points.

Yup, this applies to all the ‘super’ powers. More folk locked in the US than anywhere else.

Let’s just stop caging folk, aye?

Didn’t even read any other points TBH


Any chance of keeping discussion outside of this topic?

If not, I think we should reluctantly move it to off topic, because it seems we’re unable to address this problem.

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Thats strange Jim, you don’t strike me as the lazy type…

Already in discussion with the mods about this - if only there was an algorithim to detect “off-topicness” and automagically create a new topic where we can argue to our hearts content or those who wish to suppress the message by de-railing it can feel good about themselves

Power corrupts and unchecked power is no different…they will whine they work hard and know best…repeat until error.

So… the libertarians…

Well meaning (lets be kind) but utterly confused tax-dodgers or simply the hard of thinking who consider themselves “rebels” but are actually the simple puppets of the Deep State they profess to be against?



Simply highlighting the daftness of “whatabouttery” as a debating tactic.
Sometimes I think Im too subtle for the rest of you…

Other times I think I need a drink and my own planet far far away

All these calls for “freedom” and transparency - as long as it’s for the pampered elites of HK - a profoundly deafening silence on the case of Julian Assange though…

Was he speaking out against the “wrong” democracy?

I smell deep hypocrisy.

Bla Bla Bla bla

How’s that for a rbuttll

lacks vowels and sadly no up to your usual standards.
I am now forced to endure psychological torture as I have to drive past the Lauriston with no chance of entering its hallowed portals.

If I had a soul (which I don’t) it would e tortured - and lacking vwls

This was getting a bit serious so thought I would drop it down a gear.

Jinty Mcginty’s is still out of action so we will need to look for an alternative what’s your thoughts on the Brazen Head?

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Cool by me
The Brazen Head is somewhere we can depend on for truly excellent Guinness :slight_smile:
It may not appeal to all but it suits me fine - mon the Hoops!!!

I’m worried it would encourage overconsumption though -that big banner outside celebrating quadruple trebles…

Jinty’s is a bit west End plastic Paddies for me - I’ll leave that for the tourists…

Should you brave a trip a few hundred metres further south, there is the Allison Arms - finest selection of German biers from the honesty fridges or whatever the Mulberry is calling itself this month another block or two south. Both with plenty buses and the train at Queens Park.

If the West End suits you better, Im happy with the Park Bar or my old ganghut the Snaffle on the other corner. Hardcore teuchter or overflow teuchter - pick yer choose. I met the wife in the Snaffle ad we had our reception in there as well

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I’m quite tempted to take you up on Alison’s Arms as every time I go to the Snaffles or the Park I end up with a half a dozen new cousins I never knew I had.

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You and all?

And everyone of them with a thirst that Campbeltown Loch couldn’t satisfy …

I went into the Snaffle one night and ended up with a wife :slight_smile: