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Got to thinking I haven’t ever seen a topic on health on this forum. To me, it’s one of the least explored areas of modern freedom-seeking societies. (Though I don’t know about many societies.) One of the founding fathers of the US wanted to have the right to practice medicine in its Constitution, but it was never put in. (Maybe some nations’ Constitutions have it?) It’s a field that also gets an enormous amount of ridicule if you suggest anything that actually helps instead of harms the human body.

Which is why I’m going to start immediately with topics that get the most ridicule.
This video has quite a lot of information to take in, though any video of his is great:

Ken Rohla is the best person (“dark horse who no one’s ever heard of”) I have ever come across as far as explaining with an engineering (but simple and “Western”) mind the most fundamental elements of reality and how they relate with the physical dimension and in our bodies:

Energy ( -> Subatomic Particles w/Mass) -> Mono-atomic Minerals ->.Physiological Nodes
[These Nodes are along the brain/spine and throughout the body as the meridian points prevalant in Chinese Medicine.]

He claims the most fundamental subatomic particles being found today have no mass, which by definition is energy. So the most fundamental part of the fabric of reality is energy—a lot of which devices cannot read, to the point where scientists “don’t believe” it even exists. All the stuff above gamma can’t be directly monitored with technology, at least with the super-majority of technology available. He often calls that energy Scalar Waves or Torsion Waves (probably because they sound the most scientific, though it’s also known as chi, prana, etc.) Those waves are then “picked up” by Mono-atomic Minerals—minerals that act as ‘superconductors’ for this energy—or “resonate” with it at all times, then very helpful when deposited in the body. Supposedly how that is even stable is that they are like the tip of an iceberg, with the rest of the lattice formation of the mineral existing in higher dimensions.

Mountains are plentiful with these minerals, as volcanoes spew them out in enormous amounts. “Scientists don’t know” what causes the phenomenon of lightning that shoots out from a volcano as it erupts, but he claims that’s from the huge potential of energy that these minerals exhibit. (If you think about it, it really depends on which scientists you are talking with.)

Continuing on with mountains, their formation being similar to a pyramid prevents harmful radiation from entering them. The mountains that house Klamath Lake, Oregon, for instance, do not have radiation from Fukushima’s nuclear disaster. There’s a type of blue-green algae there from a frozen lake that is high in the aforementioned minerals, E3 Live brand. I take it with Azomite which also has a (huge) concentration of mono-atomic minerals.

[I remember having a field trip in Colorado’s mountains in 4th or 5th grade. The energy there was unreal. When I got back several days later, I claimed to my dad that I was dying of boredom, actually borderline depressed, because of the differential in the energy. I always wondered why those memories were some of my most profound. Can’t be proven, but it makes sense to me as a strong possibility that mountains create a vortex energy for spiraling scalar waves to get wrapped around in. (Or it could have been the deadly radon gas getting me high… who knows! Though, I think Radon Gas’s effects don’t show up very immediately.)]

His website,

So far I’ve used his larger-sized Aamoraa product inside the fuse box of my car. My car’s been having severe electrical deficiencies, but now it runs 10x better. Cars don’t have to worry about the placebo effect, fortunately. I plan on using one in my house’s circuit breaker, quite soon.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve used his blue-green algae (takes an hour and beyond to even kick in, was disappointed with it until finally it kicked in!) when combined with Azomite. Blue-green algae cleans radiation from the body (alongside innumerable further benefits). I then plan on taking his Nascent Iodine product (after half of my E3 Live is used up), to restore my thyroid, since any radiation that I might have had would have gotten mistakenly taken in by the thyroid; and afterwards, my thyroid will be probably severely lacking in high quality iodine. (Though, I’m thinking the blue-green algae already has iodine in it, too.)

My recent most favorite product on his site are the quantum balance crystal pendants.
It is the only pendant/necklace thing that has ever had any real effect on me.

The main part of the product (at the end of a necklace) is a Red-dyed, hardened resin, that continuously compresses hundreds of thousands of mono-atomic crystalline quartz lattices to open up energy fields (related to its produced piezoelectric effect). It has helped with any problems created by my problematic tailbone cyst—(It doesn’t have to be Red. But Red is related directly with the base/tailbone of the spine)—which in turn has helped sciatic type problems immensely. My voice is much, much more prominent and deep when working as a cashier. It helps all Physiological Nodes become activated, not just the one associated with the color, be it Red or Any Other Color. (Most would call these “chakras” which seems to be a negatively associated word these days. I think there needs to be more research done on things like key junctures/nodes along the spine, to discover hard data on them and thus have vernacular more suited to many cultures.) You can actually only get the Red one on the manufacturer’s website, not Ken Rohla’s website. But intuitively you would need to figure out what major part of your body could be lacking, perhaps severely, akin to how I’ve had 1) a tailbone cyst for coming up to 20 years, 2) sciatic problems that are now almost nonexistent (not even a week into wearing the necklace), and 3) likely, foundation issues that were keeping my life from becoming more grounded, secure, etc.. Even if you choose the wrong color, this video shows near the end (on paper) that it doesn’t matter, as all junctures will become much more activated.

I also have his expensive “Rest Shield” which is also extremely important. Explained in the video/elsewhere.

Hopefully this post will make people realize where my positive energy for the Maidsafe project comes from as seen through many of my posts, as a general underlying trait that existed far before finding Ken. I have this quote from David Irvine on one of my profiles somewhere that emphasizes that trait:

"The number of unknowns is enormous and trying to ignore them by simply an equation, fancy word for something, a measurement or even a series of experiments is simply not enough. All together they offer an ability to start to ask, none of them offer a final answer (and never will). So don’t be an expert, be an explorer and if you are nice to your fellow explorers they may even show you ways you have not yet considered. If they talk in maths riddles and hide behind fancy papers and equations then they are safe to ignore.

“There is no easy answer, only more information and potentially all you know may be wrong, certainly the majority is certainly wrong, so don’t be a believer, be ready to infer new conclusions as you find out more info, which may not even look related. So look at everything and prepare for massive surprises, they will happen!”

Hopefully I can learn even more by what people have to say here. I often get lost in generalities and don’t have specifically labeled examples/systems, nor sources for that matter (chalk that up to the generally arrogant tone people have when asking for sources, I guess)—though most of this post is my own words comprised from understanding what I’ve learned from all his videos. I still need to read a lot of the sources that Mr. Rohla gets his information from. … There are an immense amount of topics to learn about from him, and I recommend all of them. One I didn’t even touch was Sprouting, which many people have likely heard about. Again, it’s largely about the energetic properties of something over the physical structure of them.

Here’s something to really change your outlook on something ‘everyone’ thinks is an irreversible epidemic of catastrophic potential: You can even change a GMO crop back into Heirloom variety by using these mono-atomic minerals, which takes a couple weeks. This is because genetic blueprint isn’t even in crops’ (or anyone’s) DNA; DNA is the carrier of the genetic blueprint. The actual blueprint is in consciousness (i.e. “above gamma, undetectable with machines” frequency) itself. The DNA is a superconducting antenna that picks up the genetic blueprint from the consciousness of the being—and then creates the mechanism in the physical structure to pattern it by. So if you raise the superconductivity in the DNA, it will unwind from the genetically manipulated version to the original that the consciousness blueprint is transmitting.

EDIT: Here is what happens when you take mono-atomic minerals:

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