IMF:Reform Your Labor Market to be More Competitive

Well with our help you’ve done screwed up and now you need some of our money to get your self out of a bind. Well its going to cost you. You need to sell out your people and screw them over by their reducing quality of life and standard of living (wage reductions,) so that you and your people are less of a threat to us. We need you to become more sweatshop like as you reduce your people’s ability to resist. Ostensible its so you will be more competitive (whatever that means) and we will pay less for your goods. Alternatively we could help you devalue your currency and screw over your rich people. You agree to let us rule you when your race to the bottom finishes in collapse. The way to be competitive is by constantly reducing your standard of living, because being competitive is what matters. Your workers need to be more “flexible.” People who fall into this are having everything literally stolen from them, how could it ever end in anything but bloody revolution and the death of the fools who push it? How do we reverse this crap and give it the same kind of infamy as Nazism, its not an experiment its goals are evil if there ever was evil.

And for people who think this idiocy doesn’t apply to the US, remember the neocons in particular are set on bringing us down through wages to the global average. Try living on one dollar on hour. How the hell does that happen when they are forever lowering that average and how did they think they could keep the peace as they lowered the standard of living anyways? When you steal from people you breach the peace. Its time that we remember that slavery is murder, or possibly its worse.

How is this austerity bullshit anymore credible than Nazism?

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Yeah. Capitalism is screwed. It has become Banksterism since 2008.

Actually, Nazism was the consequence of extreme auterity. If there was no financial crash in the 30s, the Nazi would have never come to power.

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Yes I’ve heard that before. The Historian Tony Judt makes the case in his book “Ill Fares the Land” that Globalism precipitated WWI and therefore WWII because during that time trade had already progressed to the limit tech and geography would support with its race to the bottom consequences. He basically said we need to re-create the 30 glorious years after WWII but returning to our social democracy structures with some improvements. For him, unlike Picketty, the 30 glorious years were not simply a result of accidents of capitalism, even if they were aided by it, but by sober policy choices.