Imagine a web without servers

People are ready for the SAFENet

There are people out there, describing SAFENet, they just haven’t heard about it.

I commented on this video, can anyone else see it?
Comment if you can.

Edit: Notice the conference graphics styling, similar design to the new SAFENet website!


I don’t see your comment :frowning_face:

The Beaker guy knows about Maidsafe though, SAFE browser is from Beaker.


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Hopefully they’ll update it later, this is related.

I do see the comment of Pat Patisserie with mention of Maidsafe.

Thanks for sharing btw

Maybe it’s blocked cos it has a URL?

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yes its obvious that marketing should be stronger , people need safenet but never heard of it, same with potential app makers and devs who could help with creating commits in github etc. I hope Web summit will help to spread the word.

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